Chaos Academy – Lead them back to the glory of days past

[Game] Chaos Academy (Early Access)

Chaos Academy  Since the birth of mankind, religion has been an integral part of the human experience.

Over time, countless religions converged, taking on ontological reality. Nine of the strongest faiths formed nine planes of existence. But as time wore on, these religions became engaged in an endless dispute. The collision of conflicting religious power disrupted the balance between the planes, causing them to collapse.

With the help of the surviving believers, the fragments of the planes that had not been destroyed merged with the material plane, where humans reside. The faithful believe that as long as their religion continues to exist, the nine gods that correspond to the nine planes will be able to lead them back to the glory of days past.

If the god of one generation dies, a successor emerges, merging with godhead, leading the believers in an eternal war of power and survival…

Wargames: 5 mythological factions hone their diabolic skills

Maintains the settings of classic trading card games while establishing a brand new 4×4 war board gameplay and battle experience. Players are able to select cards from 5 mythological factions, with a total of more than 300 cards. Lost Paradise… bewilders the heart and dominates the battle field; Onmyodo… summons battle buffs to finish off their enemy at breakneck speed; Ars Goetia… seventy-two demons with tricks and traps that will melt the mind…

Master Illustrations: An enchanting, supernatural world created by master artists

Designed by renowned illustrators, the emperor cards, hero cards, spell cards, artifact cards, and ploy cards of the 5 factions all possess unique features. Classic Oriental aesthetic is interlaced with European fantasy, creating supernatural characters that are sure to captivate your imagination.

Exceptional Interface: Painstakingly created to bring out the best visual effects

Created by multiple visual designers, the magnificent lighting and dramatic battle effects pull the players into this illusory, unpredictable world, one kill at a time…

Online Challenge Mode: All that will free you from your illusions… is strategy

The endgame is here; players must fully understand the characteristics of the cards from all factions. Use the cards that are available to analyze the battle and create a strategy that can deal with the onslaught of challenges headed your way.

User Reviews :

Great strategic game. There is a forceful tutorial and a lot of bugs, but the game itself is enjoyable.

I would like to love this game, but it keeps crashing. I’ve been playing for days (or trying to) and I can’t get past trainee because the game will crash mid-battle, making me lose points. I can’t play for longer than five minutes without it crashing. Please allow for lower graphics or something. It’s a beautiful game, but it’s so hard on my phone. Edit: since the last update, apparently my ranking resets to Amateur I every day? Why?

Great game which adds a fresh,intuitive and enjoyable experience to the card game genre. All cards and characters are well designed, each class has their own unique style of play from the cards they use to their own personal ability. They offer quite a lot to F2P players, never making you feel as though you need to spend in order to get better. Edit- Something cool to add would be new characters (mainly waifus ) that could be purchased as leaders for each faction.

Well.. i love this game, i like how the mechanic works but… well there’s one big problem seere allucer combo its too broken because it uses the player turn time that’s long enough to swipe the entire board and kill emperor even 40 health thats crazy. I can’t say that cant be stopped but most of the time everyone pull it off in turn 7-8 and u pretty much ded. Maybe allucer effect can be changed, so it still dmg but to rndm enemy hero but not the emperor it still good but u cant win with it

Interesting… This game reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist of the Roses game from PS2. The mechanism is quite similar that the Empress/Life Point Character is movable in which players could avoid the attack and build their strategies. However, in this game there’s no Terrain like JRPG turn-based game because it’s a Deck Battle after all. Addition, the card’s effects and description is simple and easy to comprehend. Oh, one more, the gacha rate is fairly enough. If possible, please add story mode…

Last Update :

The following is the main content of this update:
Fix the issue that some pop-up windows may disappear on full-screen devices and cause the game to freeze

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