Cheerleader Dance Off – Help your squad win the trophy

[Game] Cheerleader Dance Off – Squad of Champions

Cheerleader Dance Off  You’re the new girl in school, and you’ve decided to try out for the cheerleading squad!

Join the squad and show ‘em what you got! Your dance skills will help you become a cheerleader pro, and maybe even captain! Help your squad win first prize in the big cheerleading dance off!

You just joined a cool new school, where being a cheerleader is like being a celebrity! You’ve just got to join the cheerleading squad! The squad will thank you for teaching them all your great dance moves! You’ll even get to choreograph the cheerleading routines! Help your squad win the trophy and beat all those other squads in the big cheerleading dance-off event of the year!


Try out for the cheerleading squad at your new school – they’ll be begging you to join them!
Become a cheerleading superstar! Your new bestie is the cheerleading captain, and the captain of the basketball team is SO cute! Will he notice you?!
Get ready for the cheerleading dance-off event of the year! Get a killer makeover and a beautiful hairstyle!
Work out at the gym to build up your cheerleader muscles!
Oh no! You got a cheerleading injury! Go to the doctor and get better before the competition!
Getting a little nervous? Relax at the spa before the cheerleading competition!
Dress up in the coolest cheerleader outfits ever!
Decorate the stage for the big cheerleading dance off contest!
Choreograph your squad’s cheerleading dance routine – they’ll love it! But will the snobby judge?
Keep your eyes on the 1st place prize, and cheer your way to the top!
Dance ‘til you drop with a dance minigame!

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Cheerleader Dance Off user reviews :

Overall its a fun game although, almost everything is locked and it makes it hard to enjoy the game and you also have to pay for ads, more moves and etc. So, i rate it a 2

I think this game is great. But it’s locks many look like makeups, dress ‘s, spa, doctor chamber, etc. So I give it 3 star.

This is one of the funnest games I’ve ever played i can honestly play it for hours I holy recamend getting this game. and if you bye the full version like me it will be even more fun!

Nice game but I can’t buy full pack as I am a kid in kids game they should not girl buying system am I right yes or no tell please and as well as we even don’t have many dance step

I love the game so many features and so many choices this is the only cheerleading game that i will play i love it soo much thanks for making this

It is really a good aap but there are many ads and many of the outfits are locked that’s why I am giving it 3 star rating

So nice dance game it’s fun but the ads are very much

It’s Amazing I love it so much and you can play it to click install now to play you can be a cheerleader too

Hi I love this game but can you add some boys with the girls dance for the dance off can you please add that

Interactive and fun. Looks as if spending more time here. Learning

I didn’t get 10 min onto the game and I already saw 6 very long ads. No way! Ads don’t bother me unless there back to back. I mean everything you touch, you get an ad. Takes away from the game. I just started and I already found a game that looks more interesting than this.

This is the same reason I give it 4 stars for all the other coco games I have experienced. The clothes aren’t as good and a lot of things are for adds and when u get something with the add it locks every thing else up other wise great job

I really like how you have to decide what a port on her and what not to put on her like what matches are offered it doesn’t matter Elsa and the dance they get me started it is the best ever that’s why I like to do it alot and the fashion sensors are dust so good seriously that’s so good like whoever created this game

It is realy nice. I learnt never to give up. I love it.I rate 5 stars though things are locked you can watch ads so please try it

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