Chess Openings Pro – Helps you find which chess openings are better

[Game] Chess Openings Pro

Chess Openings Pro  Get better at the opening with Chess Openings Pro and its collection of more than 10,000 openings and its database of over 2 million Grandmaster games.

It also helps you find which chess openings are better by showing you their respective win rates.
For example, did you know that black wins 4% more games on average by answering “1. e4” with the Sicilian Defence (“c5”) rather than an Open Game (“e5”)?

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Chess Openings Pro user reviews :

I found this unintuitive to use. there was a quiz mode but no teaching mode. what opening name is this? play the moves of the following opening? I couldn’t tell you, there’s no sensible progression. there’s a jumble of possible moves all represented by arrows, and a manual search function that doesn’t go through the moves sequentially. this seems like an app for people who don’t need an app like this because they already know everything.

Excellent app! If you are reading this before installation then install it!! This app is great containg a large database but this thing I liked the most is the icon !!

Best learning and improvement recognition excercises, great for opening study, however it use give more moves, indeepth analysis now it needs to show counter openings that would be great.

It’s a good repo for beginners and for revising your opening theories. It is definitely not complete.

Exactly what I was looking for. Easy way to get the main moves that I should be memorizing.

Great way to study GM and IM tournament play openings. Fast easy and a valuable resource. Love it.

Would be a nice option to isolate or narrow an opening and it’s variations.

Amazing app to learn and practice openings during playing actual games. Also has a record base where one can compare the moves as one reaches a position from a certain opening.

Only downsides are true fact that you can’t go to far into theory and you can’t analyze anything out of theory.

Very good chess data base ,i liked it will be perfect if they’re are some music .

Couldn’t give 5 stars because even after switching off the board coordinates..the coordinates of quiz mode board still remains..please fix this bug

Great for serious beginners who don’t enjoy 3 dimensions, with classic numeration.

Love this training app. It would be nice if I could continue with the middle game then the end game

This app is so good to practice chess and learning the names of all openings

Just a really solid app that helps you figure out openings in chess

The database is not very large, but great tool otherwise!

Missing some famous lines? Hyper- accelerated Dragon? I do like the percentages. Where/who/what FIDE are those statistics coming from?

Very good app to practice and memorise your favourite opening variations

It’s a great chess openings app but I suggest the app need improvement please update it add middle games and end games also.Change name of the app Chess Openings,Middle games and end End games if the update of the app is done and tell me in my email if the Chess Openings app is done in updating.

Nice app, and I found another use for it: when a chess book doesn’t have enough diagrams for my level, I enter the first moves on the app and ‘sometimes’ I find the exact game to be followed, move by move. When the game is not on the database, it would be nice to have the option to keep playing for both players (instead, the board just locks).

Nice app, two problems.. 1. There is a play back one move button but no play forward button.. I.e if you’ve played through an opening and need to play back and forward again to memorize, you can play back but not forward so you have to replay the moves again.. 2. No stockfish analysis included. This is freeware, I don’t see any reason why we’re shouldn’t have computer analysis since opponents can make random moves not in your opening tree and you need to figure out the best response.. If this two can be added I’d give it a 5.

Interesting app but only shows the first few moves. After studying Batsfords Openings this app doesnt go into much depth at all but probably useful for beginners.

Ive known how to play chess for a long time, but I wanted to understand it on a better level, with openings and responses to plays, this app does just that. There are a few things I would like it to have, but that’s simply to make it an all in one, it is not lacking in its intended purpose. For something free it’s just amazing what the developer took time to do for us.

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