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Chess Tempo  The Chess Tempo app provides a mobile and tablet friendly interface for features.

Currently supported features:

Improve your tactics by solving tactical problems, with over 100,000 puzzles available.
Includes both winning and defensive problem types.
For premium members, solve against sophisticated custom sets that target your weaknesses, for example:
Sets that target a particular tactical motif such as pin, fork, discovered attack etc.
Sets that target your previous mistakes, allowing you to repeat problems until correct.
Spaced repetition learning algorithm sets where problems you keep getting
wrong are prioritised over those you are already able to solve.
Note, custom sets can be used on the app, but need to be first created on the website.

Play chess against other Chesstempo users.
Supports both live and correspondence chess games
Get a full post game analysis after every rated game played. Game analysis is spread out over our cluster of hundreds of
instances of stockfish, allowing high quality results to be returned in a few seconds.
For premium members, have tactics problems extracted from your rated games, and available for solving in the tactics training
UI, and selected via the advanced custom sets feature.

Create multiple black and white repertoires.
Import repertoires from PGN or by entering the moves on the board.
Train your repertoires using spaced repetition.
Limit training to a branch of a repertoire, a single repertoire, or all repertoires of a colour.
Option to restrict training to a limited depth.
Ability to train against the moves that are proving the most resistant to spaced repetition learning.
Comment on each position or move, and read the comments others have chosen to make public.
Add engine evaluations or annotations such as +=, ?! etc to each move in the repertoire.
Export repertoire and your comments and annotations to PGN.
Graphs showing repertoire learning status and learning history over time.
Use the opening explorer to choose moves for your repertoire (limited to a depth of 10 moves for free members).
For premium members, the ability to use the cloud engine to ask for analysis on any position.

Practice endgames from 3, 4, 5 , 6 and 7 piece endgame positions extracted from real games.
Over 14000 different positions.
2 positions per day for free members.
For premium members:
More positions available per day.
Custom sets that can target a particular endgame type, endgames you keep getting wrong, or utilise spaced repetition for training. Note: Some custom sets types need to be created on the Chesstempo website before being used on the app.

Analyse positions using our cloud engines (requires premium membership). Cloud engines allow you to run high quality analysis without using up your own device’s battery. Diamond members can request up to 8 analysis threads, analysing many times more positions per second than an engine running on your device could provide.
Setup positions from FEN or by arranging the pieces on the board with the board editor.
Analyse tactics problems after completion to better understand the solution.

Chess Tempo user reviews :

One Improvement strongly suggested. Display current rating of the SET (eg Standard/Blitz) at all times. I used to use TacticsTempo earlier when your official app was not available. I used to have a target rating as my short term goal. The current rating visible at the top used to motivate me at all times, that I couldn’t afford to make a mistake as I would the lose hard earned rating that I am seeing on my screen. I miss that in this app. I still miss this option. You guys said you will consider
  • Chesstempo
  • We did consider it, but decided with the constrained space on some mobile devices, continuing to show it only after a problem is complete was overall a better option, so while an opt-in for this in the future isn’t completely ruled out, it will not be a high priority change for now.

One of the best app to train openings, endgames and tactics. Interface can be a little bit cryptic, especially for openings but once you get used to it, there’s nothing better on the market. Tactics are a strong point here, because they tend to emulate real positions, so it’s not always about mate in 3 or 4, but sometimes doing the only move that takes you out of the danger.

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