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Chess Universe  Chess Universe will amaze you if you want to learn chess or are looking for a chess app with live players.

Play chess games online or enjoy the game offline. Play chess with friends or test yourself against 9 Ai levels. Unlock cool characters and chess boards, solve themed chess puzzles, find the winning moves from the best games of the legendary World Chess Champions like Bobby Fischer & Garry Kasparov. You can improve your skills, whether you are adept in chess games or looking for chess for beginners. This chess app is also suitable for children. The new chess world is created for you. Now it’s your move.

Chess app features:

Play chess online or offline for free on various timer modes: bullet, blitz, rapid.
Play chess with friends. Or enjoy chess multiplayer.
Visit the Fisher’s Kingdom and learn chess from the legends.
Solve chess puzzles and master your game at the Chess Academy.
Earn rewards in gold and gems.
Choose your look with unique avatars for chess multiplayer
Play chess offline with an Ai (9 difficulty levels).
Progress by solving daily chess quests.

Have fun exercising your brain against live players worldwide. Or win at chess online with friends.

Improve your skills by solving chess puzzles and tactics in our chess towers.

Play free chess games – online or offline – against 9 Ai levels of difficulty

If you like to play chess with friends and family or live chess, you will love to play in Chess Universe. This chess app is designed to creatively motivate and guide y to improve from chess for beginners to grandmasters.
Chess Universe brings you and your friends tons of fun. Start your journey today. Play now.

The Chess Universe app is built by chess Grandmasters and gaming experts with the idea of presenting the best of both worlds in a unique, gamified chess adventure.

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Chess Universe user reviews :

The concept of collecting coins by playing chess to learn it is simply brilliant. You get to learn some tactics and view some nice game while also balancing on playing the game aswell. This is a perfect app for both learning and playing chess. The UI is nice and very clean and the board and graphics feels so nice to play a game with. One thing i would add tho is a longer time control like classical (30 minutes) so that we can think more about our moves and build habit of calculating every move.

Finding more and more people likely abusing an engine; Thus, enhancing there moves and overall play via cheating. Players have 35 seconds to disconnect and reconnect as many times as they like and manage to play the best movw everytime. Kinda sus to me. But it could be server stability or bad connection from where we are playing from but I find the engine to be more likely mainly because there is no anti cheat system in this version of chess that I know of. Enabling more people to abuse engines
  • Brainiac Games Ltd
  • Dear Ethan, tnx for you feedback nbr 2. We will add local 2 players mode, it is in our future updates plan. More than few of our players already asked us to add this mode. Do you play with someone on your phone? Thank you, Robert from Chess Universe
Pros: Good user interface, Puzzles sorted by theme & difficulty, Great graphics for an online match, 30 seconds for connection timeout, Card collection for personalization, Betting on games Cons: No in-depth analysis,Can’t review your past games, No chess theory study material,Limited puzzles & other players can’t contribute their puzzles,30 seconds for connection timeout can also be used against anyone since it’s free time to think,Can’t report sus players,Weird emoticons, Castling isn’t proper
  • Brainiac Games Ltd
  • Dear Rohan: Thank you for the Pros ;). About the Cons: 1) You can review your past games in MATCH HISTORY, bottom right in PLAY MENU 2) We offer more than 800 puzzles in 15 towers. You would like more? 3) Castling is according to international chess rules, pls check here Great feedback! Chess Universe
Please add a dark chess board. The current 5 board colors are bright. A dark board (with black and dark gray) would be great for playing at night. The dark pieces are brown in most sets, so we will be able to see them on black squares. The game is excellent, thank you.
  • Brainiac Games Ltd
  • New chessboards will be added in next updates. We will make sure the dark one for night playing will be inluded. Thank you for the feedback and keep winning Chess Universe

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