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[Game] Chessimo – Improve your chess

Chessimo  Train and improve your chess, with exercises developed by Grandmasters and personalized for your level. More than 7000 exercises are waiting for you!

Enjoy exercises of openings, strategies, tactics and endgames to improve your chess level. Discover the master that is hidden inside you! Go up 200 ranking points anywhere, thanks to the lessons we will give you.


Fast progress of training through our feedback system
Integrated synchronization in all devices used
High quality virtual component.
Helps to improve the ability to search for combinations and reflect
Perfection of the openings and endings of the game.
Quick recognition of tactical moves.

Solves +7,000 problems.
They are adjusted to your level to help you improve.
Chess problems you would never have thought of.

Chess lessons by Grandmasters.
Interactive tutorials with useful tips and recommendations.
Learn all the rules of chess step by step. Openings, strategies, tactics and endgames.

Face Sergio, choosing the level, to show your progress.
Analyze your games to see where you went wrong.

The King can move in any direction on a single square.
The Queen or Queen may also move in any direction, as many squares as desired.
The Bishop can only be moved in a diagonal direction, as many squares as you wish.
The Rook can only be moved in the vertical and horizontal directions, not diagonally, as many squares as desired.
The Knight moves by advancing two squares vertically and one horizontally, being the only piece that can jump over the other pieces.
The pawn can advance one or two squares in a vertical direction on its first move, after advancing for the first time it can only advance one square, unlike the other pieces it cannot go backwards.

Training in line chess has never been so easy!

Chess is a game between two opponents, each having 16 moving pieces which are placed on a board divided into 64 squares or squares. In its competitive version, it is considered a sport although at present it clearly has a social, educational and therapeutic dimension as well.

Don’t wait any longer and join Chessimo!

Chessimo user reviews :

The app is exhausting,it’s really not user friendly in my opinion, when you make a wrong move it mostly if not always doesn’t tell you why it’s wrong, all you hear is some annoying sound the commented endgames are terrible only one move is correct even after analysing the position the move I saw first was actually as good as the one correct move in position that two or more moves work the app only accepts one and it’s really annoying.
  • 8×8 Media AG
  • Thanks for your feedback Abdulraheem! We deeply respect your advice, and we will try to combine your feedback with our R&D, in order to provide better products. If you have or want to share more details of your experience, please drop us a line at support[at] and we’ll take it into account for future improvements. The Chessimo team
Love this chess trainer! It’s not flashy or complicated but forces pattern recognition. I’ve learned how to play correctly in difficult endgames with little thinking. In some board settings, it requires ‘its’ solution out of two equally viable answers, but I don’t mind that. I just want to learn. You can pause to reflect or auto advance to next problem based on settings. I bought Chessimo for PC eons ago and glad to see it on android. Yaay!
  • 8×8 Media AG
  • Hi Space Cadet. Thank you for your positive feedback. Happy to read your enjoying the product. All the best with your chess improvement!

Access the database by clicking help – took me ages to find it, added a star for it being there. Content is brilliant, best tactics repetition training out there, but the endgame bits are ruined by giving hard fails for equally good moves. If there are only 2 or 3 equal moves it is a simple task to try them all but in Queen endgames it gets tiresome. Shame it doesn’t sync accross devices. Finally they need to fix the website or make it possible to change start and target dates in the app.

EDIT: Issues resolved. Marks of finished units resolved as training from both sides too. ‘Spaced repetition system’ is a scientificaly proven in psychology. Advice: leave tactical part for when brain is already tired and strategic part for starters. I already see massive improvements: against much stronger opponents I get brutal victories. Long live devs!
  • 8×8 Media AG
  • Hi Nikola. Great to read you’re seeing these improvements! That’s what Chessimo is about. Thank you for your feedback and enjoy the trainings! Cheers

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