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[Game] Chuzzle Snap

Chuzzle Snap  The Chuzzles are back, with a twist!

Snap and match colorful Chuzzles and watch them shiver and explode with happiness! It’s easy to learn, easy to play, but hard to master! Collect trophies to show off your skill, and coins to buy up pet Chuzzles and their toys!

If you’ve enjoyed Chuzzle or Chuzzle 2, you’ll definitely enjoy this game– it’s a snap!

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Chuzzle Snap user reviews :

The game is fun to play. But time to find something else to play. It a Pain to when you watch a add to feed you chuzzle and you can’t get back to the game.

I would give better review of this game cause I like it, but I don’t like how I play so much, build a nice home for my chuzzles and next thing I know my game has been deleted and I have to start over again! Do you know how frustrating that is?????

Items in game cost too much and coins are hard to earn and free video coins don’t always work it takes forever to earn coins and it’s never enough. Can’t you make a free chuzzle game play without the pop chuzzles needed?

Same thing happened to me. I have had Chuzzle Classic and Chuzzle snap I play them both all the time and have for months. Have all the Chuzzles have built up their homes , and bought everything possible plus My fying bat, pumpkins, valentines, and Xmas little knick knacks and was almost done with the very last jigsaw puzzle couldn’t wait to see what chuzzle I was going to get when it was completed. Ect. Got on my phone 2 days ago to play and both the chuszzle aps, icons are gone off my phone.

Pretty good. I was hoping it was more like the game I used to play on the computer. The one where in was true zen and never ending moves with the giant chuzzles that explode. But it entertain me for a while. This isn’t a true zen game tho. UPDATE, uninstalling. Disappointing.

Really enjoy the challenge posed by this game. The algorithm takes a bit of getting used to, and even then a high score is not always certain, but definitely one of the best puzzle games I’ve played. To the haters saying it should play more like Tetris, there’s an app more suited to your tastes – it’s called Tetris. Fixed pieces makes it way more interesting than Tetris, without the time pressure. The ads relative to the time played strike a good balance. Much better than most. To those complaining about ads, there’s a fix for that – don’t play it, or pay for the app. E’ry day I’m Chuzzlin’…

It’s a start but it needs major improvements. First, you need to rotate the chuzzles like you would if you were playing Tetris and the left over Chuzzles can drop down just like it does in Tetris. Second, you could have incorporated this type of game into the Chuzzle 2 game that would be interesting. And, if you could make it to play offline because when I tried to play it offline it kept on shutting down and it would stop the app.

Well…it’s not terrible. But…it ought to play like tetris. Coins are a little too hard to earn. I feel like my poor chuzzles will start to get bored soon. Add a different method to this game and it might be better. Update: bag of coins have never yet produced more than one coin. Been playing for months. Fix this. Also…ads ads ads…log in, ad…go to chuzzle room, ad…leave chuckle room, ad…win a level, ad. Wow…uninstalling. understand ads, but this is insufferable.

This game is so good. I didn’t think it’d end up being more played than chuzzle 2 which I love too. Really great changes have made it much better. Also great now in the chuzzle snap shop which is so much bigger than it used to be. More you play the more seems to pop into the store. As in playground pack etc and Xmas stuff. It’s come a long way and I think will just get better and better. I give 10 stars. Raptisoft are very helpful too. Love my chuzzles

I liked the idea of not being able to twist the shapes as it made it less Tetris and more Chuzzle. However… the Daily Do. Keeps throwing me out and restarting. Which sucks when you’ve played dmso well and on a roll and high scoring and suddenly a black screen followed by a bomb out of the game altogether!

How do you take an original puzzle concept and change the type of puzzle and get 4 and 5 star reveiws Its a new fuzzy version of tetris. ITS SO GOOD

Promising, but still has a ways to go. A mode where you can rotate pieces would especially make the game more fun. It’d also be neat to be able to link parts of your Chuzzle 2 save in order to unlock bonus content in both games!

In general, I love this game, but every day when I try to play the “daily do” it kick me out – otherwise it would be 5 stars. I’ve never had this issue with chuzzle 2 which I also have installed.

Love the new game. Not happy that we have the same Chuzzles as Chuzzles 2. Should be different ones for a different game. Maybe different furniture and decor. But definitely different Chuzzles please! Also, I love the variety of Daily Do… Maybe they can be integrated into the regular game.

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