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[Game] Civilization War – Last King changed to Reign of Empires

Reign of Empires    Build your empire and conquer civilizations in Reign of Empires.

This strategy war game pits competing nations in a battle for domination throughout history, and only you can lead one to victory.

Conquer kingdoms and build civilizations as one of eight great nations. Develop civilization, wage war against opposing nations and collect national treasures from your civilization’s history.

Build your civilization by growing and managing your resources. Conquer kingdoms and explore the world while building your nation’s history, from the bronze age to the modern era.

Battle kingdoms and lords in PvP matches, testing your army’s might against other players. Conquer opposing armies and prove your nation is the greatest, or build an alliance that can fend off any threat!

Build an army and conquer the world in Reign of Empires – download now!

Reign of Empires Features:

Lead Civilizations to Take Over the World!
8 Civilizations to choose from – Korea, China, Japan, India, England, Rome, Egypt or others.
Build an empire – soldier types, national treasures and traits vary for each civilization.
Build a civilization from the Bronze Age to Middle Ages to the Renaissance!
Build your kingdom faster than your opponents and launch a war of domination!

Strategy War Games
Conquer enemy’s cities with fierce attack! Ally with neighboring forces to win.
Tactical war using infantry, archers, cavalry, artillery and other of armed forces.
Army builder – use your civilization and army characteristics to enhance your military strategy.
Battle of 7 Mysteries – fight for domination of the world’s wonders
Battle of 8 Treasures – conquer the world’s greatest treasures

Ally & Combine Forces with Great Leaders!
Civilization Leaders join the game – ally with Cleopatra, Gandhi, King Sejong or even Qin Shi Huang!
Civilization Leaders each have special characteristic.
Rise and develop your Leaders to imprison other Civilizations Leaders.

Civilizations to Conquer
Build empires and explore the world map full of enemies and magical adventures!
Battle other matching civilizations and win trophies.
Conquer the never-ending hardships!
Build an empire with strategic resource management.

Battle against fellow players!
War games pit your civilization against those built by players worldwide.
Conquer other kingdoms and rise to the top!

Build an empire, form alliances with Civilization Leaders and conquer the world in Reign of Empires! Download now!

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Internet access is necessary to play Reign of Empires.
With further updates, devices with lower specifications could be no longer supported.
Please read the User Agreement before playing Reign of Empires. Accepting User Agreement conditions is mandatory for using all game services.
There is a chance of data loss when playing through guest account. Please understand it is not always possible to restore data in such cases.
It is recommended to sync your game account through “Environment Settings” -> “Associated Account” -> “Sync Account.”

Civilization War user reviews :

I have returned to the game on a different server. We are unable to log in, and there was no notice of maintenance scheduled. Some players on some servers seem to have access and are able to log in, but others can not. I will be extremely angry if I lose hard won items and treasures because developers allow some, but not all acess, which put all others at a disadvantage.
  • Clegames Inc.
  • Hi Charles, We’re really sorry to hear that you can’t open the game after the update. We don’t want to loose you and want to try resolve the issue. It would be of great help if you send us more explanation on how it happened along with your nickname and continent number to Thanks in advance, Civilization War

Absolutely brilliant game only issues I have is we should be able to click on our farms once and it automatically collects all the rest

This game is very simular to evony or game of war but follows the classic civilzation game format and it does so very well…that being said there are players selling gold at discounted prices freely creating unfair gameplay i have spent way more money then i should have playing this game but feel like i will never keep up to those that buy the discounted packs for a friction of the price without consequences….devs need to do a better job of controlling fair gameplay other then that 4/5 stars.
  • Clegames Inc.
  • Hello, Lord Randy Dimech We apologize for the inconvenience in the game. Kindly ask you to report at regarding this issue. Thank you.

this is a realy a great game, but i cant change my server, there are a bunch on people that had the game before it even came out for me so i only have 1 million power when they have over 30 million poere, its just not fair at all.

I just started playing this game and like it from the start. But as soon as i start playing the game stuck and i then must restart it pls look into it cos i so want to play it. Thank u

so far it is pretty good,i dont like that being 2 weeks old there are alliances already at lvl 23, and they all appear to be from the home country of the developers,so either they are the devs or some very $$$$ players, they need to find a way to make money but not be so blatantly pay to win.

I would give you 3 and a half stars if I could. I do like the game, and I like how it’s different from most. however it’s just lacking something, like maybe some more daily events to keep people’s attention. I usually stop playing games when there is nothing to do
  • Clegames Inc.
  • Hello . Thank you for playing Civilization War – Last King! We will forward all your feedbacks to our development team. Thank you very much for your valuable feedback! Have a good time :) CW Team

great game, great Illustrations and graphics. it gives a lot to do and have good strategy too. also many Heroes (Greatmen in the game) to choose from. I would recommend it to anyone who lives history.

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Last Update :

Added new content and system
Various adjustments made and functions usability improved
Minor bug fix.

Contact developer :


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