Clash of Lords – Are you ready to step into the pit and punch someone

[Game] Clash of Lords

Clash of Lords  Welcome to Clash of Lords , a heart pounding new strategy game where magic and action come alive at your fingertips!

Complete quests, collect minerals, and lead an army of cackling Witches, towering Minotaurs, and fire-breathing Dragons. World domination is yours for the taking!

Clash of Lords Game Features:
Free to play! Endless game play without paying a cent
Conquer players worldwide and plunder resources
Unlimited customization: Tons of items, troops, tech and more
Hundreds of upgradable walls, arrow towers, and unique defenses
Wipe out devious creatures to unlock new maps and challenges
Join a guild to collaborate with friends and gather your forces
Climb the ranks to be the best of the best

Action, glory and cunning strategy – all are just a tap away! Join the world of COL today and claim your throne! Will you reign supreme? Play to find out now!

Clash of Lords user reviews :

Fun, but, Hangs a lot, constant server disconnects. Gotta spend big $$$$$ if you want to be a top player

Useless, game won’t let you play. How do you turn off the idiotic tutorial? The game is unplayable unless you waste valuable materials upgrading a worthless item that they pick! What part of ‘skip tutorial’ don’t you understand? Why give the option when it doesn’t work? Game deleted along with the other one. Not even going to try it.

I playing it for 7 to 8 years…This is only game which never bore me…BEST GAME OVERALL..

I love this game but clash of clans is still better. Very addictive game

Awesome game. I play almost everyday on lunch and after work.

Game is not the same as it was 2 years ago. Yes, it’s nice to watch videos to speed things up. Yes, it’s nice to have more opportunities for prizes….but the competition level is absurd! You are constantly matched against others of incredibly higher levels, meaning you have to spend more money or jewels. I like the concept of the game, but honestly, not worth the agitation.

I have been playing the game for 2 years plus i have however recently encountered a problem. and surport are no use i purchased a glory egg for $1.99 it didnt arrive and now they have my money and wont refund or give me my egg. Without screen shots! a google recipt just isnt enought to prove i have payed for somthing. Disappointed to say the least. Im just glad i didnt spend a lot of money. And i won’t be spending anymore money on this game

Everyone complaining about money is just impatient. Most of these people have played this game for years, you don’t just catch up unless you pay some dough but there’s always other players at your level and higher levels willing to help. If you’re looking for a long term strategy game, this one’s fun and addicting.

One of the most epic game ever…This game is one of the most addictive games i have played so far(in my opinion)…a lot of things can be done without spending…which is really epic…been playing this game for over 3 years now…hats off to the game creators.

This game was my favorite too. I play on an S3, the only thing I didn’t like is not being able to transfer accounts since I have a tablet and two phones. Now it won’t even load though. For several days it hasn’t gone past “checking version” this is very frustrating. I’m probably losing trophies and gonna get kicked out of my guild if I haven’t been already.

Good game IF you have the patience and know which heroes to get early on. On the other hand if you have the $$$ you will progress quickly because this game is HEAVILY geared towards $$$. 4 star because customer service is great if you cooperate and would be a great game with a few minor/major changes

been playing for just 3 days. it has potential to be a good game. similar to CoC but lacks polish. animation and graphic look lifeless. too many free rewards making it ultra easy to progress but gets boring because there’s nothing much to do. the good is that the heroes is unique and they don’t force you to watch ads. I don’t expect the devs to polish this game, so I’m leaving.

Excellent Game. I have enjoyed playing this game from the get go. It took some time to get used to the nuisances of the game, but after a short learning curve it’s easy. I would recommend this game for hours of enjoyment.
Nice Good Game Very nice game no lag no need to buy some gem cause you gonna earn it every sign in
Last Update :

New Features:
1. IGG account linking feature
2. Summer themed Set Glyphs
3. Anima Lass’ Upgrade Skill: Enchant Hammer
4. New Hero Costumes:
Pyriel: Heartseeker Angel
Chiron: Star Snatcher
Great Sage: Wild Gunman

1. Optimizations to Despot’s Depository
2. Adjusments to the Battle Mall items
3. Adjustments to the Alchemy Workshop
4. Various bug fixes and optimizations

Contact developer :


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