Clash of Legions – Build your own kingdom

[Game] Clash of Legions – Kingdom Rise

Clash of Legions  Clash of Legions is a special mass battle war game with numerous epic battles of huge armies.

You will build your own legendary squad from plenty of unique units, skills and power items. You are the King of your legions. You are in charge of leading the royal soldiers to conquer the enemies, seeking for glory, ultimate power and build your own kingdom. Accept the challenges of various levels, bosses to get extra rewards and strengthen your empire. Rise your kingdom, make it strong and fear no one.

Mythological mass battle Alliance (Human, Elf, Drawf, Trend, Valkyrie) vs Horde (Orc, Taurent, Undead, Troll, Demon)
Number of challenges is waiting for you to conquer
Plenty of units and items for you to design your own legions
Regular Updates We are continuously listening to your feedback to improve your game experience and make the game incredible time-killer.

To-be features:
Game events
Clan & clan trading

We are really happy to receive any feedback from you. If you have problem or questions please feel free to leave comment or send email to us at: megacombatstudio[at]

Wish you a good time!

Clash of Legions user reviews :

Would have given 5 stars but the game lags like a lot in my end. Maybe it is because of my phone, though like many games this o e too should have a graphics setting to adjust as needed. Good game, fun.

Non stop connection error message. Doesn’t effect gameplay just annoying to see constantly. Chests that say 5 minutes are 30 minutes. Payout claims are false. Most times you get 5 to 10 gold nothing else. Could be fun and even worth a couple bucks or more if these issues are fixed. Not now though. Hopefully it will be better.
  • Mega Combat Studio
  • Hi yesterday we have server down, it should be ok nnow, please join our Discord channel so it easier to help you if it have bug.
There is a lot to do and spending isn’t required. they still have work to do on some aspects but they listen to suggestions and are active in the community (join discord). Some things are frustrating like the randomness of cards in battle, but it’s liveable. Overall I would recommend the game and I think I will play for quite some time to come.
  • Mega Combat Studio
  • Thanks for your comment, we will continue improve game better.
Game play is ok, not great but has some fun elements to it. There is an enormous pay wall and it hits hard. There is no clear way to progress to stage 6, the Wukong event is basically watching a crazy amount of adds and grinding only to recieve a very underwhelming hero, and in general you will be grinding and watching adds a lot unless you spend money. The orcs with shields are way too strong, nothing works against them and the dragon battles get harder and harder until its impossible to win.
  • Mega Combat Studio
  • Hi since you level up you have more strategy, please take time to try new unit. Thanks for your comment, we will continue improve the game better.
It was great at first, would’ve been 5 star but lately I’ve been getting the most annoying connection error message making the game impossible to play. My connection is fine, if it wasn’t for that this would be a very good game.
  • Mega Combat Studio
  • Sorry for that, we have fixed the server now, thanks
Looks fun. Wish I could try it. Just opens the load screen then CRAAASSSHHHH., tried reinstalling, tried clearing cache, tried everything. Super lame. Doesn’t work on new phones (galaxy s20+)
  • Mega Combat Studio
  • Hi we will fix in next update thanks
It is a ok game if they can fix the internet connection issue. I know I got amazing internet but I get an internet error everytime but when I went to another game that Using more internet thing it works then I go back to this game it still gives me the same notification connection error.
  • Mega Combat Studio
  • Sorry for that, we have fixed the server now, thanks
As soon as they add a way to login so you can play crossplatfrom (such as my phone breaks so i need to log in another phone) Then i will give them 5 stars. Right now, if something happens to your device you lose everything
  • Mega Combat Studio
  • Thanks for your comment, login by facebook will be added in next update, then other way will be added step by step
Game really good enjoy playing even drop couple of bucks on it but it frustrates me on how even tho after spending money on it and you just hit a wall levels get to hard to pass no matter what you do and the amount of coin after passing each level is super low compare to the requirement of level up of the characters
  • Mega Combat Studio
  • Thanks for your comment, we will continue improve and release new features. Please join our discord channel

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