Clash of Queens – Build a military empire and raise dragons to strike your enemies

[Game] Clash of Queens – Dragons Rise

Clash of Queens  To be a queen, to marry the queen, you can do whatever you want in Clash of Queens: Kings are dead. But, remember that, what you will be depends on what you want to be!
Come and battle for the domination of the whole realm in Clash of Queens: Kings are dead, a new Action Strategy MMO GAME that allows you experience a real interactive system with your friends in game and in reality!

Clash of Queens Features:
1.Play & chat with online players all over the world – a real-time translate system ensure you connecting with each other with no difficulty.
2.Team up to defeat all enemies with friends in game and in reality.
3.Join an alliance & co-op with alliance members to conquer the kingdom! Help with each other to build the most STRONGEST alliance in the Kingdom!
4.Build a most powerful Empire & always prepare for action – Upgrade buildings, walls, weapons to strengthen the Empire.
5.Train various offensive armies to beat the evils forces, and assign military to all kinds of events to get more resources and honors.
6.Deck out your own hero – Forge legendary weapons and wear them to rise above the competition!
7.Abundant systems to get free coins and upgrade your city to a high level directly!

Connect with Clash of Queens!
E-mail: coq_help[at]
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Clash of Queens user reviews :

I give one star , I been playing this game since the beginning, no notifications when someone attack you or troops return to castle, when someone scout you and ather, every time when is a new upgrade can see wings originally in the castle, and monster on the map , when is new events very hard to get, new castle skin can buy pack they stop adding new skin castle in pack, so I give only one star, the game became incredibly difficult to play::(((
  • Elex Wireless
  • Dear my lord: Sorry for the unpleasantness. According to your description, this is usually due to game delays. It is recommended that you quit the game, re-enter it, and keep loading online when the network conditions are good. The loading time is usually 1 to 3 minutes.
Fun game other than the profile pic. I have been trying to upload a picture, but all it does is freeze and sit there. Please help fix this.
  • Elex Wireless
  • You can send us the photo, we will help you upload your avatar.

The game is awesome. Unfortunately, I can’t upload an avatar. And the game is a bit buggy. Please fix it as soon as possible. And here’s your 5stars to keep you guys motivated. Thanks!

Good Well the part of the messages that we delete them and the information that we have one new message still maintains with the bug…loved it the new appearance of the castle…one more thing i’ve realised that i can’t kill any more monster in the dungeon until i bind my game to facebook why
  • Elex Wireless
  • Thanks for giving us this information. We will check and solve it asap. BTW, we have provided in-game help support. You can send us a screenshot from in-game help center. There are 10 staffs in our customer service department to deal with the requests, you can get replied quicker from the in-game support.
For the last 2 days I can’t collect the chest at the top of the quests screen. Keeps saying invalid operation.
  • Elex Wireless
  • There are other lords who encounter the same problem as you. We are trying our best to find the reason which cause the crash. Please be patient, we will fix it in the near future, thank you.

Last Update :

Fixed alliance management log alliance join/quit information
Fixed fragment exchange interface display error
Fixed the rewards distribution error for the Grand Voyage quest
Fixed the puzzle chest reward display
Fixed the display error for garrison heroes

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Video :

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