Classic Tri Peaks Solitaire – No time pressure

[Game] Classic Tri Peaks Solitaire

Classic Tri Peaks Solitaire  Tri Peaks Solitaire is one of the most popular single player card games, invented in the 90s!

Join the fun enjoyed by millions of Tri Peaks players worldwide with this gorgeous, HD version of the famous patience card game!
Our version of free Tri Peaks Solitaire is designed for all screen sizes and resolutions, but it really shines on high resolution and larger tablet screens!

We have worked hard to create one of the most enjoyable and visually pleasing Tri Peaks Solitaire card games, especially developed for Android.
It has 3 different card decks for tablets and phones for better visual clarity and a more enjoyable Tri Peaks Solitaire game.

This is the Classic Tri Peaks Solitaire you’re used to from other platforms.

Here are the main things you’ll get from our Solitaire:

Classic gameplay with 2 extra deals
No time pressure, score is unaffected by how long it takes to solve the board
Limited undo, depending on your level
Bonus wild card
Sound effects
Tap on the card on the board, and it will fly to the stock if it’s a valid move
Share your score via e-mail, facebook, twitter or any other option
Submit your score to the online charts and show your friends or foes who’s the Tri Peaks Solitaire Master
Show off your Tri Peaks card game chops by unlocking various achievements (awards)
Your tri peaks solitaire game is automatically saved when interrupted, continue where you left off

This tripeaks solitarie card game is ad supported, fully featured – it displays some advertisements when connected to the internet.

Play Tri Peaks Solitaire now for FREE!

Classic Tri Peaks Solitaire user reviews :

Super simple, small cards with washed out colors. Ads aren’t long but there better Klondike games available with smooth and snappy play. Try Solebon Solitaire. It’s for the purest who appreciates aesthetics. Solitaire Deluxe 2 is great for Tri-peaks & other Solitaire games. Ignore or enjoy the extras there–leaderboard, challenges, so many extras! I paid $10 for no-ads, & ’cause the programming that went into it is complex. I chose one theme, have 50,000 coins I don’t need, am happy with it.

For some reason this game has changed. It Now does not Give me the free card. So I Tried to uninstall yet to see if it would make a difference by reinstalling it. What happened?

Like to play this game because the algorithm works very well and challenges me continuously!

Too much fun…I have trouble putting my device down! There is a tiny glitch that appears occasionally, but it gives you a small, brief advantage, so I kind of like it! It’s like someone randomly handing you a piece of candy… Really? Free candy for me? Yum!

I’ve played this game forever! Not at all predictable. Low ads, and best of all…they are not intrusive to playing the game! Not come across any glitches on or with my tablet. I really enjoy this game.

Really enjoying this game. May I suggest putting your “rate us plug” at the end of a game. Not in the middle of one. I almost didn’t want to rate you because of this one annoyance. Other than that. It’s great!

I love this pure version of Tri Peaks. A card game – not all fussy with bells & whistles, levels or jumbo scores. Enjoy using your head, not your thumbs.

Love this game, easy to pick up, put down not so much, great distraction from the news at these trying times.

I’ve enjoyed tri-peaks for a long time and this version has all the features most would enjoy.

Would give you a 5star but you seem to need reassuring about your game every 5 minutes. It’s an excellent game, but asking to be rated incessantly is a bit much. Ask less and I will give you a 5star.

Love this! I have been searching for a simple bare basics version for a long time. This is it!

Fun like any tri peaks, but if you do too well it glitches so you can’t win by making some of the cards unclickable.

Nice graphics and not too many ads. Like it!! I even like the sounds

Great app but doesn’t explain (for beginners) what the gold card is etc. Would be good to have instructions.

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