Claw Stars – Bring life back to these planets

[Game] Claw Stars

Claw Stars  Thousands of Hamsters were sent into space for survivability experiments – but due to an accident, they warped through a temporal wormhole.

Millions of years went by in a matter of minutes and the hamsters evolved with super intellect, tumbling out into the same yet unfamiliar universe transformed by time!

Using their super intellect and newly built spaceships, they returned only to discover all living creatures trapped within mysterious orbs. Rescue the trapped creatures with your trusty claw as you bring life back to these planets. Compete with your friends as you gather collectibles and riches in the wonderful world of Claw Stars – one claw at a time!

Rescue cute animals and obtain unique collectibles
Claw your way to riches and new discoveries
Hack, Kidnap and Fool your friends
Build and restore planets with cool creatures
Customize your own Spacesuit and Spaceship
Explore an ever-growing universe

The mysteries and treasures of the universe await, so step through the wormhole and enter a new world as you become the ultimate Claw Star!

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Claw Stars user reviews :

I’ve been playing this game for almost a week and initially I really enjoyed it but overall it seems to be a huge money grab game. The refill on claws is slow and the only way to get the large claws aside from creating them is paying real money. You burn through claws quickly and then wait a few hours to get to play again, or spend rubies for more claws. Overall it’s a decent game but I don’t see myself playing very long term.

You’re heavily punished for not playing some days in a row, returning with everything blocked and stolen. All these PvP elements feels very forced. And the claw is very restricted on what it’s able to pick up, for an example, you could easily pick up 6 gems but the claw is capped to only be able to pick up 4, the rest will automatically fall out even if it got a firm grip on them. Same goes with pretty much every item.

Really fun game, definetly the best claw mashine on play store. The one thing i have to complain, is that it isnt viable to remove blockades and buy your animals free. For example, you spend around 30k to do all that, and for what? For a mystery ball, that always doesnt give the 30k back. You dont get your Investment back, and thats what bugs me about this game. Oh, and you can only connect with facebook, which is a shame for a user like me, who doesnt use facebook :/
  • Appxplore (iCandy)
  • Thanks for playing Claw Stars on its Launch Week, DenZy! We really appreciate the overwhelming response. We hope you continue to enjoy the game and have a nice day!

The game could use some rebalancing. I’m supposed to get a gift from clearing all items in a claw area, I’m stuck with 3 jumbos, and not enough metal pieces to form a giant claw, and frankly I have no will to spend a single penny on a game that puts me in this position to pay in order to win. I pre-registered and I’m a bit disappointed in this game I have waited for.

This game is really cute and addicting. Unfortunately, my animals get stolen a lot and I get fenced in a ton so I have to clear that away with a lot of grind-money. Sure, I get to do that to other people too (which I feel only slightly bad about because I need that money!) But karma stinks. It is a little annoying waiting for your claws to come back (giving people ample time to wreak your stuff) but that just makes coming back all the more interesting. Would recommend.

Okay game, not much chance to get the claws you need in the game without spending rubies. Also, I don’t know if there are just a low number of players but in an hour ONE HOUR I was attacked enough to destroy 3 drones, 3 barriers and STILL HAVE 6 animals stolen, and over 30k taken. The system really needs to be fixed this is ridiculous. You can pull boosts, but because of frequency they’re basically useless.

Deleted original 5 star review to add new things I have noticed. Reduced by 1 star to alert developers. Hi team. Sometimes when you drop the claw, a ? Appears above the character’s head, it freezes and I get a time out code and the game resets. That is the only issue so far. Otherwise love it and wish you would receive more claws and less fool you’s in the drops.

This is a great game, I love the graphics and I like that you don’t have to pour tons of money into the game in order to play. I’ve had no problem with lag, or crashing. So far the developers have done an amazing job. The only problem I have is that I didn’t ever receive my pre registration reward. Hopefully there will be an update in the future that fixes this problem.

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