Coin Dragon Master – Dominate your foes across countless arenas

[Game] Coin Dragon Master – AFK RPG

Coin Dragon Master  Welcome to Coin Dragon Master: AFK RPG – The Ultimate Dragon Heroes RPG games! Join the epic adventure now! Embark on an journey what AFK RPG meet casual spin game!

Your coin dragon heroes automatically use powerful skills to defeat enemies without your control. You just spin the slot machines and collect the coins you need to grow your dragon heroes! Of course, you can also easily win huge amounts of money using the “Hold for Auto-spin” button!

Collect Coins and Epic Dragons through ancient slot machine! Level up your dragon heroes and dominate your foes across countless arenas! Are you ready to crush them all? Level up your dragon heroes through the AFK Mode if you’re too busy to play!

Are your coin dragons still hungry? Raid mode will find you dragon masters of the world. Raid them and steal huge coins!

Save the world ravaged by the resurrection of a diabolical dragon and become the world’s best Dragon Master! The ancient slot machine and various Dragon Heroes will assist you on your path to becoming the world’s best Dragon Master!

AFK System
Set your dragons training while you’re away. When you return to your phone, they will be stronger, gained new abilities, and ready for battle.
Grow & Train a powerful squad without all the grinding!

Spin to win your coin and loot
Spin the ancient slot machine to fall on your fortune, be it attack time, loot, collect epic dragon heroes or materials for level up your dragon heroes.
Collecting coins through the ancient slot machine isn’t the only way to get loot, you can steal it too! Attack friend or worldwide dragon master!

Collect over 70 different dragon heroes!
More than 70 dragon heroes in different factions with specific skills.
Summon your Warriors, Train them to become epic dragon heroes. forge magical runes and evolve your strategy!

Worldwide Arena
Put forth your best dragon heroes to do battle in the ARENA. Watch them PK online in a multiplayer contest for glory!
Climb the Leader board for the best rewards!

Various Challenge with dungeons and battle field!
Collect even more coins in the coin dungeons that unlock for you every day!
The rune stone dungeons that grant special abilities to dragon heroes are also waiting for you!
Battle dragon masters from all over the world in the World Arena!
Loot coins from other dragon masters through raids!

Take on Quests to level up your Dragon Master!
Quests that updated on a daily!
Main Quests that offer more rewards as you progress through the game!
Newbie Quests that help new Dragon Masters adjust to the game!

Visit various shops that will help you progress through the game!
A shop where you can purchase in-game items!
A shop where you can collect free daily items and receive additional free items by watching ads!
A Token Exchange where you can exchange Dragon Tokens for items!

Your training as a Dragon Master continues!
Even when you are not playing the game, your dragon heroes will continue to battle and acquire items for you.
You can set the Ancient Slot Machine to AFK mode with a single tap of a button to win items and dragons.
Receive extra and free rewards by watching ads!
Invite your friends via Facebook and trade items with them!

The magnificent dragon heroes await their master!
Join us, Dragon Master!

Come join the Coin Dragon Master online community.

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If you have any questions or problems regarding the game, please contact us at the address below.
Supports: helpdesk[at]

Access requests for gameplay (The game services will not be limited even if disabled)
1) Only for game installation purposes, this application requests access to external memory.

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Coin Dragon Master user reviews :

Overall, a very interesting game which I was looking for. The quests are challenging and exciting, and you should manage your dragon team carefully. I had a good time playing this game!
  • Ratatat Studios Inc.
  • Thank you for contacting us. We will make a better game for you and all. If you have some suggestions or problems, please let us know. Thanks! Happy Spin Day!
I really enjoy the game. I love dragons and this is one of the few games that I can actually get into and keep playing for a long time. It also has the slots system for you to get coins and new dragons!
  • Ratatat Studios Inc.
  • Thank you for contacting us. We will make a better game for you and all. If you have some suggestions or problems, please let us know. Thanks! Happy Spin Day!

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