Coin Scout – Building of a brave new world began

[Game] Coin Scout – Idle Clicker

Coin Scout  Make zombies great again!

Imagine the world where zombies are not a deadly threat, they just want to play. That’s Coin Scout – Idle Exploring Game!

Zombies were smart enough to organize their weird, but functioning, form of society, spreading across the world, having fun and scouting for the coins.
People, as usual, are opposite to them and identifying zombies as a classical threat from horror movies. This time they are gravely mistaken. In Coin Scout their pathetic attempts to resist the zombies – is the direct way to join the rotting ranks.

Who would have thought that a trivial idle clicker would allow you to do something incredible! It was an unremarkable evening for ordinary people, until suddenly, out of nowhere, an insatiable green zombie scout with big eyes appeared! And as soon as he appeared here, the growth and building of a brave new world began! And he longed to mine coins infinitely! Humanity was amazed at how quickly the new population began to grow! It was absorbing new territories and spreading stronger and stronger… Never has the apocalypse looked so cute and so desirable, even people have a little started to participate… Unfortunately they are not very good at building this new world…

But everything needs time and coins will definitely fill our pockets, we believe.

This curious world lives and grows by itself, all the time while you work or sleep, in the best traditions of idle games! Simple, trivial, but still with a strategic part, be on the alert! Send your zombies to investigate while you’re away. When you get back to your phone, they’ll be richer and ready to build. Gather dozens of experts, each with their own style

Unlock new buildings as your business grows and discover more new territories, and just tap and enjoy to produce more gold!


Simple, trivia and clingy tap gameplay
Zombies have never been so cute and friendly
IDLE System
Beautiful graphics and lovely animations
Close to infinite game progression
Iconic locations from zombie-movie: gas station, highway, supermarket, military camp, hospital, etc.
Build your own zombie paradise – raise, explore, spread, pursue your own strategy

Idle clickers are cool! Join the big family of fans of this genre!

This game requires an internet connection. Coin Scout is completely free to play with optional in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings.

Coin Scout user reviews :

Love this game, I play loads of games daily and this is in my top 5, but I’m ran out of levels please update soon as it been two days with this game

I’d say this is my favorite Idle game (and yes, I actually play a lot of idle games), but there’s this glitch that’s occurred more than once for me where the game reset itself. I like the game, but that’s a huge problem. I’ll still give it four stars, If this stops happening, I’ll give the game five stars. Great game though. Edit: I could be wrong, but I think it’s been more than the number of days it took for that to happen each time, so I’ll raise the review to five stars

I like the game and would rate it higher but I can’t save it on Google play so there is no sense in putting any money into it.

I did get reset but other than that it’s great I love it Ty for making this (I’m redownloading it to see if I get my progress back it didn’t work but I’ve got back all my stuff now well my progress on it by 1000000% more
  • EvenDev
  • We are very sorry that this happened and we are already working on finding the problem and will solve it in the near future! Thank you for staying with us!
You have got to fix your game Devs. It should have been a wonderful game but sadly there is a time that it resets everything back to the start but it still is a nice game so 3stars
  • EvenDev
  • We are very sorry that this happened and we are already working on finding the problem and will solve it in the near future! Thank you for staying with us!

This game is great there’s some ads but it is still good.

Fun idle game. No obtrusive ads in the way.

Definitely a grinder. Needs to be a way to turn off notifications. I mean, waking up to 10 notifications to play the game is a bit much.

Fun game and I can’t get enough of it

Nice idle game would have gotten a better review if the reset button did not disappear half of the time

Its very fun to collect some coins

Started off pretty good, looked like it would be another Idle game i played a lot of. But the incessant pop ups telling me to watch videos or buy Premium got very annoying, very quickly. Would have happily paid up front to remove ads, but there’s no option for that at all, so this one’s not for me after all.

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