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[Game] Colonizer

Colonizer  Greetings, space potato!

As you know, humanity has been colonizing planets for millenia. Exploiting them for all their worth. Destroying them beyond compare. Then moving on start the process over again. Turns out that wasn’t the best idea and now we’re all out of viable planets, which means we’re going to have to move into the more dangerous corners of the cosmos.

That’s right, I’m talking about the Dark Zone. A place where chaos rules. A place of floating empanadas and giant lemons. A place where hostile rainbows can make you forget whose side you’re on. There’s no telling what you’ll run into out there, but maybe you’ll be able to use some of it to your advantage. Not to mention rival groups of colonizers trying to stake claim on those wild planets. The fate of human kind rests on your shoulders, cadet. I don’t envy you…but I’m darn proud of you.

Game Design Principles

ULTRA RESPONSIVE: Your finger fits on our buttons perfectly. Always.
TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Quit / crash / get distracted. Continue quick.
RANDOM MAP LAB: Build maps. Always different.
100% FAIR: Maps are centrally symmetric.
AD-FREE: We know you don’t want ads.
OFFLINE: You don’t need internet to play.

Colonizer is a strategy game set in outer space. You will command a diverse fleet of ships and attempt to claim more planets than your rivals, earning stars that allow access to some of the stranger power-ups that the galaxy has to offer (Floating empanada defense system, anyone?).

Colonizer user reviews :

Great concept but poorly executed. If they find a way to better identify when you are trying to move your vision or shoot some ships it would be better. But besides that trying to change what ships you are firing in the heat of battle is one of other super frustrating parts of the game. Seems like it would be fun with a mouse and hotkeys but on mobile its just frustrating.

It’s actually a well execute of quite a simple idea. It’s like the old classic defender, but you have to be aggressive. Do it on normal difficulty though, hard will just make you frustrated ;) I like battling the stress the game causes, because you have to bw quick to beat the computers. Try it out!

It’s fun and really cool about all that visitor currency. (I don’t think a game has ever done that) it is really fun and it is just like in a battle where you march your troops and conquer an is really cool and fun. P.S. please make it so tgat the menu pauses the game because it is annoying that it doesn’t pause

5 star ratings are fake. Played AI on easy. For every planet I get it gets retaken by fire from 6-10 ai controlled planets. No way to win without Obviously paying real $$$. another fake ad game with Paid Fake 5 star Reviews. Uninstalled after only 5 minutes. Will be glad when players can finally sue over these fake as hell Free 2 Play games that are not free.

Alright, when I first started playing I was super sceptical. It looked odd and felt a little off. But I’ve just won my first game, it makes a lot of sense and its rather fun to play. The thing that sets this game apart from other colonizer games is the idea of inaccuracy. It definitely adds a new function and ideas to consider. 10/10 Ps: I love the fact that the dev’s have a good sense of humor, it makes me 100% more likely to support them and continue playing.

I have only played a few rounds of this game so far and I like it very much although you need to think and strategise on how many ships to shoot out. I like the way you can customise the game to your needs but I would like to have unlimited access to fully control my game without paying but I also understand that you need to make your money some how. I highly recommend this game if you like simple easy strategy games and like space.

Pretty fun but all gakes say we want advise so here it comes imagen speical ability such as sabotage takes half enemys from a planet and als9 make more ships and ship upgrades and also have special plnets that are attack ships sent do 2 times the damage deffence enemy ships at colishion crash up and have a 50 precent chance. To not do damage also make cruisers that you can trade 50 ships for and will deffend with lazers also make ships crash in tye air that it please add them thanks for reading

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