Color Sense Master – Look for one box that appears in a different color

[Game] Color Sense Master

Color Sense Master  This game, Color Sense Master, shows blocks of the same color except one block.

Look for one box that appears in a different color.
Total 150 various colors are supported.

There are two game modes;
Tap count limit mode
Time-out mode

The ‘Statistics’ menu displays user’s cumulative color perception score, which is based on user’s entire game play. Also you can compare your highest level to the level of other players around the world. Challenge the final level 100 to become a master of color.
Let’s start testing your color perception ability!

Q. How do people differentiate colors?
The color is identified by the ‘cone cell’ in the human eye’s retina.
There are three types of cone cells to distinguish colours. One is particularly sensitive to red light wavelengths, another to green light, and a third to blue light.
Cone cell distribution ratios for the ‘red region’, ‘green and yellow region’, and ‘blue region’ are generally composed of [40]: [20]: [1].
Due to the relatively small number of cells that detect blue, many users in this App review say blue identification is the hardest.

Q. How are scores determined in the statistics feature?
– At Low difficulty
If the answer is correct, slight score is added.
If the answer is wrong, a relatively big score is subtracted.
– At High difficulty
If the answer is correct, a relatively big score is added.
If the answer is wrong, slight score is subtracted.

Please take a break after the game for a certain amount of time to protect your eyesight.
This game is free, and does not contain any stimulating content, so anyone can enjoy it.
Comments on translations are always welcome.
If you have any questions or bug reports, please e-mail us.


Color Sense Master user reviews :

A really great game, didn’t really know how to play at first, just clicked the colour that was different, and then I understood how it worked. And….. Wow. I didn’t know I had this great of an eyesight. This game challenges your eyes very well by giving you hard and easy colours. Would recommend, very fun. Edit: I think I’m going colourblind to green…
  • MarsCrews
  • First of all, thank you for leaving a very detailed and polite review. This game (or test) is very simple, and anyone can easily access it. In some cases, it can also be used as an easy tool to identify specific colors that are difficult to distinguish. For reference, humans lack visual cells to differentiate blue color. Thank you for 5 stars!
Good game. The game should be more linear regarding its difficulty for the sake of statistics. I found that at some levels, it is especially difficult to distinguish but the many times the levels following it are too easy. I suppose you are using an algorithm and not any random-based difference generator
  • MarsCrews
  • Normally, the difficulty increases as you level up. However, certain colors (eg blue) are difficult to distinguish due to the nature of human visual cells. As you know, the color selection is random, regardless of level, so there is no full linear difficulty increase. Thank you for the review.
I’m finding the game interesting. Reflections on the screen and screen issues cause some real problems for me at the higher levels. I really want more access to the statistical data. Im really curious about what I could learn about my colour vision from my failures.
  • MarsCrews
  • Currently, the statistics show you which colors are distinguished and which ones are difficult to distinguish. We will update the statistics function in the future through research. Thank you for the good comment.
I don’t get what’s the point of telling you which one is red when the choice is like 11 orange and 1 red, you can simply pick the color that’s different without even care about question. I suggest you to change the value and saturation for all different block rather than just make a silly game like pick a,a,a or b.
  • MarsCrews
  • The rules are very simple and easy. Just choose one other color. We would appreciate if you could update the review to see what was not satisfactory as one star.
I love this game! I use it to train my eyes for work. I am a color matcher and need to see the shade and tint differences like the ones presented in this game! Thanks!
  • MarsCrews
  • We are very grateful and happy to say that this app was helpful. Thank you for a good review!
DeepSkyblue can kiss my ass! Lmfao that color beats me basically every time. So much I don’t think there is a difference between the two colors even when it shows me which on I can’t tell a difference.
  • MarsCrews
  • Thank you for the 5 stars and the in-depth review of the blue color series.
Simple and fun color training app that doesn’t have intrusive ads. I just got it today and it is a bit addicting.
  • MarsCrews
  • Thank you for the wonderful review and 5 stars!

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