Constellation Eleven – Get in your battleship and rule the space

[Game] Constellation Eleven – space RPG shooter

Constellation Eleven  Space arcade shooter

Get in your battleship and rule the space in top down shooter! Be prepared to fight with a lot of enemies!

Old school atmosphere
A fresh look at the old good arcade games of‘90s. You will play as a pilot of a battle spaceship in the open world space filled with dangerous enemies. The game has enjoyable pixel graphics.

Character development
Choose your pilot and improve his skills. Search for resources and minerals to unlock new skills, trading and level up.

Procedural generation space
Endless space endless space full of asteroids, abandoned space stations and satellites. Fight. Trade. Evolve.

A lot of loot and customization items
Find and equip weapons and armor with random characteristics. Choose your own style and follow it.

This arcade shooter has a classic game mechanics, nice and interesting gameplay, nice graphics and comfortable control. During the game you will face a lot of trials and battles with small ships and heavy cruisers. The level of enemies will grow with each jump into other system.
The project is in early access. In the game you fill find RPG & roguelike mechanics, nice pixel art graphics and atmospheric soundtrack in space ambient style. The project was inspired by the hack & slash genre and video games such as reassembly, starbound, space rangers and stellaris.

Constellation Eleven is absolutely free game in russian and english languages. NO ADVERTISING!

Side quests, space stations, trials, new merchant and currency have been added in the latest updates.

Constellation Eleven user reviews :

Really well designed game. Challenging without being cheap, good customization, excited for story campaign! The one change that might be good is to have the amount of upgrade materials available displayed on the inventory screen, so you don’t have to switch back and forth to make sure you have enough.

The game is very similar to Space-RPG 3 and have a great concept. This game has the potential to be the best out there. All it needs is a deep storyline, a vast content (it already have a vast content, but it can be better!). I recommend you take note some of the elements of Space-RPG 3 like having fleets or owning a station. P.S. The text is a bit hard to read due to it being too pixelated Bug encounter: it seems that i cannot claim my winnings on the slot machine

Excellent game, there’s still loads of content to add, room for improvement always, would be nice if you could have saves for multiple characters, and have different types of weapons, not just the rapid fire gun you have. Enemies have 3 types, why can’t you too? And would be nice to also just have a bigger ship, instead of getting lucky and finding a flagship shell. Overall 5 stars!

This game is great. It reminds me of similar awesome game I found on Steam. The only gripe I have is the devs seem to have abandoned it. It would be cool to see new content. Other than that it’s a great time killer.

Love these kind of game genres. Maybe you can increase the weapon range a little bit, and give an option to toggle the aim assist on/off so that the right joystick would have more purpose. Also create some sort of ship purchase similar to galaxy on fire where you can buy new ships with better stats and has more turret slots which can be earned with a little bit of grinding. I’m not really satisfied with the ship skins available, plus it would add more things for the player to look forward too.

The game needs better english translation. Also adding different ranges to weapons would be nice, ex there can be a sniper weapon and a short range pulse gun type weapon. Another good addition would be adding an optional tourtorial that would teach the basics.

Great game! Controls like the old Sinistar (TM) from the 1980’s we used to play in the arcade.

So far it’s a pretty good game. Retro style. Simple controls. A better tutorial would help.

This is a really fun game! The simplicity of it makes it really fun to play. However, there are a number of typos all over the place, and the game can get a bit boring. But apart from that it’s good! Looking forward to further updates.

Good game, but I kinda get lost, pls add better map. Only played a few hours dunno if there’s a map or not

Wonderful game, lots of fun. Im thoroughly enjoying being a space pirate! A few things I personally think may improve the game would be more ship upgrades, like being able to move to higher tiers and equip more weapons possibly. Also, a mass sell/salvage button would be amazing since I do everything in bulk and it takes awhile having to do it one at a time. Can’t wait to see what the full release has in store!

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