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Contra Returns  Remember the secret code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A to get extra lives?

After a 30-year hiatus, the Contra you know and love is back! Developed by famous Japanese game company KONAMI and world-leading game developer TIMI, Contra Returns aims to bring the classic Contra experience to mobile platforms.

In Contra Returns, players can enjoy the classic side-scrolling gameplay, two-person teams, alien bosses, and signature settings and soundtrack from the original series! All with updated HD resolution, 3D character models, and vivid acoustic and visual effects to deliver a sensory experience like no other! Get your fighting spirit all fired up with innovative content: real-time PvP battles, unique heroes, companions, and team mode! Legendary heroes Bill and Lance are making a comeback, so let’s kick some alien butt and save the world!

Special Features

Reignite the Battlefield: Fight like a warrior in this worthy sequel to the classic Contra series made in collaboration with Konami.

Conquer the Battlefield with Friends: Team up online, test your teamwork skills, and take on the Contra world together.

Go Head-to-Head in Real-Time Combat: With fair competition and 3-second matching, enjoy exciting multiplayer battles online.

Tons of Gameplay: Experience all-new gameplay in the Team, Challenge, Story, and PvP modes.

Weapons Galore: Mix and match your arsenal and pair up different heroes to unlock new skills!

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Contra Returns user reviews :

This could have been good. There is controller support, I guess? But it stopped working after the tutorial level. I also can’t support games with gacha mechanics. This doesn’t feel like Contra. It feels like a poorly made mobile game with a license from Konami. The load times are also pretty atrocious. I was hoping for better, especially after Konami released Castlevania Symphony of the Night on Android. That game is great and exactly what I want more of, even if it’s more expensive.
  • Hi Commander, we truly understand and appreciate the feedback. Please know that we are working hard to bring you the best gaming experience. For further assistance or doubts please feel free to contact us at support[at] or directly from the game in the settings menu.

There’s a lot of typical mobile gaming stuff here, like all kinds of leveling, gacha, and typical modes. At the end of the day, however, it plays just like the Contra you remember. It’s fun for a quick pick up game, even if the beginning drags you through a bunch of tutorials. But for the game getting the classic gameplay right, it gets four stars from me

I guess it’s all right in some aspects, but it’s heavily focused on players spending real money. There are plenty of things to do but again you need to spend real money in order to achieve satisfaction. And this is not ok! P2P (pay to progress) BIG TIME!The energy system is atrocious. The higher your VIP level is the more energy can buy, which costs.  Avoid if you cherish your wallet.
  • Hello Commander, we are sorry you feel this way. Please know that we are working hard to bring you the best gaming experience. For further assistance or doubts please feel free to contact us at support[at] or directly from the game in the settings menu.

Not what I was expecting, but also I’m not sure what I expected. Fun I guess but I feel like I’m playing through a tutorial since the game gives me 5 minutes to complete but it’s only maybe 30 seconds of a stage. Game gives me characters and weapons and then it says, “Nah you can’t use this character on this stage” (Not an actual quote from the game). Phone runs super hot and I feel like I spent more time going through menus and loading than gameplay. But hey no forced ads!

CONTRA IS FREAKING BACK BABY. Unlike Contra: Rogue Corps, this is a proper 2D sidescrolling Contra game. It even has a remastered version of the island from the first game, and it’s glorious. The gameplay is incredibly action packed and fun. I also really like the controls, as I can free aim simply by swiping in the direction I wish to aim with the fire button. My only complaint is that it’s a bit easy. Otherwise this is a great game, and totally worth a download.

Contra is back, and badder than ever! Or I guess worse would be a more suitable word. Konami has taken the simple, enjoyable gameplay of the NES original and mixed it with frustrating touch screen controls, very obvious pay to win mechanics, tons of unnecessary pre-mission text, and a cast of different characters you’ll never use because they are all locked. If you’re a fan of the original, this is guaranteed to annoy you and make you wish you were playing your NES instead!

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