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[Game] Cooking Festival

Cooking FestivalBAKE, FRY and GRILL your way AROUND THE WORLD!

You’re the MASTER CHEF the cooking world has been waiting for – the most talented, well trained, and most promising FOOD ARTIST in the known universe!

Whip up some HOMEMADE PANCAKES, grill JUICY RIBS, bake aromatic original Italian PIZZAS, and serve delicious ICE CREAM that everyone loves!

Cooking is incredibly easy – just TAP & Serve

Cook whatever CUISINE YOU LIKE, and have FUN!


Visit San Francisco
and MANY MORE cities planned!
Check out stunning landmarks wherever you go
Visit various Food Festivals!
Unlock additional ingredients for AMAZING NEW DISHES!

Festival Dragon
Fluffy Bear
Lava Lady
And so many more— serve them well, and receive a SPECIAL BOOST!

DOWNLOAD COOKING FESTIVAL NOW, grab your wok, temper your frying pan, sharpen your knives, and dive into the world of FOOD, TRAVEL and FAME!

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Cooking Festival user reviews :

By far the best cooking game so far. Really hard and challenging in some cities and restaurants, made me lose a lot of nerves, but that’s the point. Forces you to think in advance, do some strategy and practice in easier levels to prepare for hard ones. The worst part is to wait for the new update. Mumbai, in my case. Hope you’ll do every city on the planet! Spot on, everybody !!! Bravo !!!
  • BoomBit Games
  • Now that’s what we appreciate very much to hear – thank you for being an awesome fan! It’s great to know you enjoy our game so much. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please write to us at support[at] We would love to hear from you! Have a wonderful day, BoomBit Support

I love this game! Finally someone got it right. I will watch all the ads you want as long as I get great prizes in return. This game allows me to do just that. I don’t feel like it is a cash cow type of game at all. I hope I’m not speaking too soon. It is also great you don’t have to have Facebook to play! The customers are very diverse too! Very realistic indeed. No inappropriate stereotypes.

Graphis Exellent! Game play : Welp all developers get greedy too fast. Before We have a chance to enjoy the game, you make us use the free tokens immediatly if not sooner. Hence we have to use Our Money to continue and the tasks gets harder faster . Give all prospective players time to really get in to the game before asking for ratings and paying with real cash. I try lots if games and will pay to play ” IF” I’ve played for days and it’s time to pay because I’m impressed . So I uninstalled

It was really fun for a while. Then the equipment upgrades got to expensive and the the customers wait bar drained to quickly. There was no way to keep your customer happy while they waited so they wouldnt leave so it got impossible to move forward. I uninstalled.

The loading of the game is slow. The controls stick. I’ve only just started playing and it seems I could enjoy it. If the game play gets smoother. I will play a little longer and hope those issues change. If not, I’ll uninstall. Thanks gamers.
  • BoomBit Games
  • Thank you for taking the time to rate our game!

The customers get angry and leave to fast. The game starts slow but, it picks up the pace. However, the graphics are too small to really control. Things are thrown out accidentally because of the small graphics.

So far it is a good game. Prices are steep for a cooking game though. 41.99 is a special for novice?… 3.99 for less than a handful of gems?.. I will not be making any purchases for this game.

Only been playing for an hour but all seems very good! Great graphics, smooth game play, challenging but not difficult! overall so far it’s a really awesome game!

Love that this isn’t a repeat of all the other cooking games out there. Love fast play gets you to the next restaurants easily. Love that are not many ads. Love love this game!

Enjoying game. Challenging but not to hard to achieve goals. Able to watch ads and get monies to upgrade. On 2nd restaurant now but really liked pancakes.

Interesting but the stars collected are just one per play. The progress a bit to slow for me. Will reinstall again next time. Thank You for an interesting game apps.

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