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[Game] Cooking Master Worldwide

Cooking Master Worldwide  Cooking Master Worldwide is a FAST PACED and simulated cooking game.

It‘s Easy to understand the game play, all food at your fingertips, just click to complete all kinds of dishes; Bright and clean art style, clearly show the different delicious food. Follow the cooking journey around the world, feel the experience and temptation of all kinds of delicious scenery and cultural customs.

[Background] A chef with a dream, who practices cooking and sees the food culture and ethnic customs around the world; Learn how to cook dishes across the world with all sorts of different cooking styles.

Enjoy various kinds of delicious food and Feel food culture in distinctive restaurants from different countries.


All cooking is completed with just a click.
Game flow: Customers appear – Stand and Show the menu – Cooking the dishes – Serve the dishes – Customers leave with tips.
Cooking process: Tap the raw materials to start cooking – Wait till the ingredients are ready and Tap to plate – Garnish the dishes or mix drinks to complete various food combinations.

Serve food with the right side dishes
Earn golds and diamonds from cooking service
Upgrade kitchenware and food for best cuisines
Complete multiple cooking goals to pass levels
Open new restaurants and learn new cooking skills
Do Daily Quests to get rarity boosters and rewards
Create MORE combos and win bonuses
Keep an eye on the oven, don’t burn food
Arrange your cooking reasonably, don’t discard food
Use time management skills
Serve in smart dish sequence

chef gembira: permainan memasak

Tired of waiting for new levels in the other games? That won’t happen in the Cooking Master:Worldwide. More than one thousands of game levels are waiting to challenge you! And we release updates regularly with new restaurants, new levels, new dishes, and fresh gameplay! Download for FREE NOW and get ready to ENJOY the cooking world!

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Cooking Master Worldwide user reviews :

I enjoyed this game but, why i gave 3 star? 1) I’ve seen sometimes a bug or glitches 2) It kicks me out and last but not the least 3) I lost for 1 day, then, when i came back, i start over again from the FIRST LEVEL OF THIS GAME

The game itself is cute. As with all games the farther you ago the harder it gets. The boosts are hard to earn unless your willing to pay real money for them. And the worst part of it is, even if you beat the level you end up playing the same level several times just to get a key. That part is extremely frustrating . Theres no point to that. 4 or 5 times on each level after beating it is ridiculous. Change this and I’ll happily change my rating . update.. Finally gave up.. Too hard to uograde.
  • We will follow your suggestions to reduce the levels difficulty. Sorry to bring the trouble. Hope you can enjoy and like our game. Thanks very much.

Hey! I absolutely love this app but I have a complaint. Recently, every time I try to open the application it crashes and says, “Happy Chef keeps stopping.”. And yes, I did install Google Play Games like it requires, but it still won’t work. PLEASE fix this! This game is really cute and fun to play on long car rides and in waiting rooms. Now I cannot even open the application. Kind regards, Kara.

I truly thought it was just another cooking game but it goes beyond. It still challenges you but it’s never to difficult to make money and upgrade your space. There’s so much too this game that you’ll never get tired of it and it’ll never get old. But most of all I appreciate the minimal ads!! Lol I wouldn’t change anything so I believe that anything they add or change would be awesome because they’ve set up a wonderful foundation. Thanks y’all, seriously addicting!

There are many great games to download, but it seems that few make it easy to proceed without spending a lot of money. Although they have monetized the prettier outfits and hairstyles (which lowkey hurts), they have made it easy to progress in the game without having to wait too much or spend any money. It’s very fun too.

This is probably the only game I’ve consistently played. At first it was overwhelming because there’s a lot of components to the game, but once you get the hang of it, it’s addictive fun. You can pay-to-play, and I have, but there are various ways to make the upgrades you need without paying. It does take longer, but I don’t mind playing in order to gain rubies to upgrade. If you love time management games, you will almost assuredly love this game.

I actually enjoyed the game until it became impossible to play it. I am in Thailand and they’re asking to get a certain amount of money. I do all combos and still can’t get that money. Its impossible to play it without buying diamonds. I tried getting diamonds through watching ads, and it’s still not enough! To pass levels that you cannot pass even if you have a perfect score! And no, they did not make the levels easier after them responding to this review!

So challenging and exciting. Different ways to make money and improve your food and restaurant. So many adventures beyond the kitchen, I LOVE cooking and this game makes me love it even more!!! Just started today and almost to the next restaurant, so far it’s perfect and I have no complaints. Good job guys!

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