Cops N Robbers – Pick up your gun and take enough ammo

[Game] Cops N Robbers

Cops N Robbers  Cops N Robbers (FPS) is a pixel style multiplayer gun shooting game developed by JoyDo Entertainment.

This is an awesome FPS game of pocket edition. Equip your weapons, join the battle in this cool block world.

You need to battle alone in this PVE mode. Pick up your gun and take enough ammo, start adventure now!

1. PVP Mode.
2. Various game modes: Stronghold Mode & Team Death Match Mode & Killing Competition Mode & Peace Mode & Ghost Mode & Hide And Seek Mode. You can select your preferred mode to battle with a team or fight alone.
3. Maps: 20 + interesting system maps and & endless custom maps created by players.
4. Chat in game: You can chat with your team members or all players in the room.

Weapon System
1. There are 50+ system weapons provided with great voxel models & pixel textures!
2. You can also design your dream weapon by yourself.

Armor System
1. Awesome armor sets: Santa Claus Set, Tesla Set, Gingerbread Set, Candy Boy/Girl Set, Hawk Set, etc. Equip the whole Tesla Armor Set to activate special effects.
2. You can also customize your cool armors, make you more competitive in battle field!.

Skin System

1. There are kinds of skins provided. You can select your interested skin which makes you different with others.
2. Skin Edit system: Design your personalized skin, you’ll look special in the battlefield.

Friends System
Your friends, classmates, colleagues or anyone else around the world, if you want, add him/her to your friends list. You can chat or battle together in game!

Language localizations: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Korean.

Support & Feedback
Mail: support[at]

Cops N Robbers user reviews :

This game will beat freefire and another thing is when I on the game to there is an application is seeing that ” network is unstable” i tried 100 times but i see the same application i can reinstall the game

Its a nice game but my problem is that whenever i join a custom game mode and after minute i leave, i get reconnected back into the custom game mode and its really annoying i tried leaving but it still reconnects back, please find a way to fix this bug its really annoying and not gonna lie it still does the same.

Dont forget to add more things for map, such as before u tried to make a map there will be 2 choices, 1.default and, also dont forget for the space add a Satellite then we can edit it the space will be around the Earth, Moon or Mars so the time for space one changed to Planets, im dreaming of like this is my mind, pls uptate it for maps in cnr, i want to make cnr better, make the Earth, Moon and Mars realistic add the example Satellite and we can edit it uptate this game ok? in next week

This is the best u can play with your friends and have fun and i like it how it has skins and the scopes and u can play other game like hide and seek this is such a good Game :)

It is so much fun i loved it althought i would like to see some movement animation like different runs, dances, emote. I just sounds like fun.

Suggestion: Breakable Blocks! You Can Set Up Its HP. + Background Music For The Custom Games, Music From Singleplayer. The New Update For 5v5 Is Not Working, Change It To 2v2 And 3v3. ANOTHER PROBLEM IS THAT I DIED EVEN THOUGH I DODGED THE SHOT. Update: Y’know, To Be Honest, The Updates I Get Is Too Fast, And The Update Costs So Much Memory Space That I’m Getting Sick Of It. Fix Your Damn Update Space. Every Update Is 100+MB, I Mean, WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD UPDATE 100+MB EVERY MONTH?! SO UNFAIR..

I’ve had this app for years and have been loving it until many recent updates However due to the most recent update with the emoticons, i can no longer see the first part of what i’m typing in the chat. For example if i was to type hello, i would only be able to see the letters “lo” or “o”. I would appreciate if this could be corrected asap. Thankyou

Love this game and the old memories of me playing this game 4 years ago good ol memories ps only OGs will find it fun and, and plzzzzz bring back chrismas town in team battle!

I enjoy this shooter, I can have it be first ir third person. I got high level guns at a very low level due to the treasure, and I love making my beautiful skins to share with people. I can play so many modes and even peaceful mode is fun, I can kill and chat. This game deserves the 5 stars I give it, great job Riovox

I love this app so much the graphics are amazing and the guns in the game are awesome if you could add a thing where each level you get you get a gun or some cosmetic

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