Cosmos Quest – Start your civilization

[Game] Cosmos Quest

Cosmos QuestCosmos Quest : Start your civilization and carry it from the discovery of fire to the stars and beyond!

This idle game from the best idle publisher has it all. Civilization, Buildings, Heroes, Time Travel….even a Black Hole Cannon.

As you progress in the beautiful realm of Cosmos Quest, you see the impact of the evolution on your tribute.

Collect heroes to help you on your journey.

Fight other players in frantic battles.

Grow your hero roster and level them up to reign supreme on the universe!

After finding a mystical stone, your civilization has seen great discovery come faster and faster. That magical stone absorbs the energy you generate, and allows you to travel through time and space to parallel universes to grow ever faster and stronger!

Conquer the Cosmos and uncover the mystery of the stone…

Cosmos Quest user reviews :

It is a really nice game to play and all and has nice graphics.I downloaded this game last year and really enjoyed it .I give this game a 4 stars tho since when i opened the app again after a long time it reset all the progress i worked hard for even if i didn’t go to far into the game it is still frustrating to have that .Is there by any chance to get the progress back ?

Great game, well-designed idle, pve and pvp without any real paywall (learn how to arena well and you can get a solid income without paying for anything), looking forward to new content, played the flash version of this game for 2 years so far and the devs are good at keeping the game balanced and interesting. Tip for beginners – You will get a lot of prana at the start from infinity tower, carefully save it for a small team of 5-6 gold/ silver heroes, ideally ones with pierce (sniper/pilot).

Game was getting stuck in the initial loading, but after updating to android 9 it started working.

game is just brilliant. 3 stars only because no matter what, I can’t progress past conquests 4,5 on the 21st century era, which means I can’t progress further into the game, tried everything, those conquests are actually too hard.

The game closes on disconnection. Seems great. It’s 2019 and they don’t even know how to handle reconnections properly.

Great game concept, gameplay and idea. Just one issue – battery drain and overheat. Please do something with that

Pros: The game is pretty. Cons: Constant disconnects. Player entries dropped from almost 4000 to 800 in a couple weeks in the FREE pvp side. Paying PVP is dead. Down to 60 from 400 Arenas. Persistent bugs losing you orbs, items&heroes. Items&multipliers stops working, inconsistent skill descriptions 2 identically worded skills but on seperate heroes works differently etc. 1st turn pvp advantage is crazy. Theres just so much issues that its no wonder people fall off and dont come back.

first of all i want to state that the artstyle is amazing and the game looks fantastic. however the gameplay is lacking to say the least. – Money becomes worthless after the first ‘big crunch’. – Combat is too simple and its not clear what the abilites and races actually do. – Blueprints are to hard to get wich gets you stuck in the game pretty early on. I feel like the biggest problem the game has is balance and just being unclear, there is potential for sure.
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  • Thanks for the thoughtful breakdown, Dex! We’re working to continue improving balancing and clarity. Thanks so much for playing!

Just started game. My game wont progress because the leveling up my hero is grayed out and cant skip tutorial

Really fun idle game, love the music and age progression. You gotta figure out a bit what to do by yourself at the start, but it’s great once you get into it!

So far so good , i like the art style. The game is fun.

Extremely fun! I’ve enjoyed the graphics and boosts. The hero skills are very thought out

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