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Crack Shooter  Crack Shooter will keep you on your toes in with a fluid and satisfying shooting experience via simple virtual joystick controls.

Wild West Adventure
A group of cowboys called ‘Trailblazers’ ventured into the wild west and eventually settled there. Leaving the civilized world behind, they toiled and struggled, gaining their foothold on this harsh land and started their farm. Life seemed peaceful. But good times never last……
Mysterious creatures seemingly crawled out of nowhere, ruining the farmlands and assaulting anyone they come across. Be the hero you used to be. Protect the folks and eliminate these vermins! Save Kidd’s lover, don’t keep him waiting in despair!


Smooth virtual joystick control allows you to dodge and roll however you want. Evade the bullets and make it stylish!
Plenty of satisfying yet destructive abilities that wipe the enemies clean off the map!
Try out different combos with dozens of passive abilities. Level your way up and experiment with even more possibilities!
Randomly generated stages that never repeat.

Are you ready for the wild west adventure?”

Crack Shooter user reviews :

Gameplay is generic. Roll mechanic is unreliable and just for quickly moving out of the way, not avoiding damage with invincibility frames. Many enemy attacks are hard to see, especially when the screen is filled with bullets. When you level up, the game freezes you so you can choose a skill but it doesn’t give time to avoid already incoming attacks. Ads and many micropayments, with characters, crates and upgrades costing so much you practically have to buy currency. Two characters are $13 EACH.

Its a very fun game, and I didn’t want to give 2 stars,but bro you get next to nothing in Gun material to upgrade your gun,and the coin drop amount vs the price for regular in game upgrades is so high, you can’t upgrade the skills tree. Once you get to where it cost 10,000 coins to upgrade character or skill tree it becomes impossible to upgrade based on the amount of coins we receive. If fixed I’ll change my rating, thanks
  • Ku Hui
  • We have already made optimization adjustments in the next version.
I would have rated this game higher if it were last week but I have to give this game low rating because this game DOES NOT back up to Google. I got a new phone over the weekend and lost ALL the progress I made, the gems I bought and ALL of the items I gathered.. I really enjoy the game otherwise but having to restart EVERYTHING from the beginning SUCKS
  • Ku Hui
  • Sorry, we are already developing the function development of game content storage

Played for a few hours. PROS: Great alternative for aracde shooter, good UI & design, lots of character to choose, simple equipment mechanic, unique play style with continuous stages & playable OFFLINE. CONS: Same as the rest of arcade shooter games out there but has better balance in most aspects, but the greatest downside for me was the lack of cloud save. I liked to playing this game but I can’t transfer on a different device. I believe GooglePlay has cloud save. Hope you can consider it.

Most of enemies are from Archero with the same mechanic. But the huge problem is the hit box. The hit box of some enemies is larger than its look. Some enimies’ bullet has the same color with the background, it makes too difficult to see it to avoid. The good is there are some new upgrades that other games may not have. This game really needs more creativity to be a good game.

A decent archerolike at first glance, it has a lot of dishonest tactics to make you spend money, such as things in the saloon which claim to cost 100 to play, but actually cost 300. This sort of dishonesty is so bad that i refuse to play the game anymore, despite the actual gameplay being quite enjoyable
  • Ku Hui
  • Thank you, we will make improvements.

A vast improvement from other similar genre type games. The controls and graphics are smoother and more responsive imo. The games pacing is better via fast power spikes and variable bosses. Game rewards and boosts isn’t ad stingy, the game even provides newbie tips for meta builds in their power icons. Worth a purchase with seasons if you got coins irl. My only complaint is the name, could have picked a more lucrative name besides crack shooter. Game is actually decent. Power to the devs!

Great game but lack of saving to google or facebook is very wierd for a game 1 year into development. I would not be able to purchase anything or move to a different mobile. Add save feature and you will do much better. Recent update yesterday still no save feature why ??
  • Ku Hui
  • Sorry, we are already developing how to save the game progress on Google, it will take some time.

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