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[Game] Crash Fever

Crash FeverCrash Fever : Google Play’s Lunar New Year Campaign – 200% Polygon Added on Google Play Now!

Over 7 million downloads worldwide!
You can use the Rare Hatcher 28 times in worldwide multiplayer!
Get ready for the ultimate in match-and-smash games!
Crash Fever—a colorful, vibrant RPG puzzler with a feverish twist!
It’s simple and intuitive! The best match-’em-up game…ever!

1. A feel-good experience, and all you have to do is tap!
Crash Fever is a frenetic RPG with simple, tap-based controls. The game delivers thrilling gameplay with a single tap, including epic panel-shattering chain reactions, crash skills with over-the-top animations, and even a table-turning Fever mode!

2. An exhilarating, fun-loving spin on a virtual world!
Crash Fever features a pure white background, rounded design elements, and all sorts of animations to make you feel like you’re floating in another world. This unprecedented bright and pop-styled virtual world only intensifies the feel-good experience!

3. Four-player co-op feels even better!
Log in with friends to play co-op with up to four players. Four players means four times the fun as you work together to decide which panels to smash and when to enter Fever mode!

Keep an eye on our official Facebook page for the latest news, and click the link below so you would not miss the FEVER! O(≧▽≦)O”

Crash Fever user reviews :

EDIT 3: Wow, all the issues I had have been fixed. I don’t know what happened but the mission menu is now stellar. It works the best it ever has. Plus, added multiclaim which is an actual godsend. AND a lot of the new features are amazing. I love all the recent updates. It’s rare I find that updates for any game is 100% positive keep up the great work

Still says max number of retires allowed even after the update. I can’t play your game wonderplanet! Fix the bug, please. I can’t do data transfer. It won’t let me. It’s been 10 days now and I’m missing all the events. I already miss the messiah quests and now there’s two new events I’m missing out on because you won’t fix the bug in your game and you promise us you will fix too.

After three years of playing this game, I still play it from time to time but the situation that Crash Fever is currently have is that I feel like the game is becoming slowly a cash grab especially with this recent hatcher that just came out with no discounted first step, and the rate is much worse. I know gacha games works all that but the rates they recently give out with the new hatchers these days are really bad, I’m afraid they would keep this going in future hatchers with non discount step

One of my fav game.. But there’s one prob.. U guys should make a chat for room and the server.. Some player are quite annoying that i hope u guys make a ‘shut up’ speech bubble.. And sometimes new player dunno what to target when ppl keep saying target at them + dunno any strategy in some game.. Also it can help ppl by using limit break on units … I hope u guys make the chat system coz it rly helps us a lot… Edit: after the update the game keep on disconnecting me from playing multiplayer even when i have good connection..

I absolutely love this game. It’s amazing. However, the new update does not let me open the app. It automatically crashes. If this keeps up, I’m definitely deleting the app. I really don’t want to, considering how beautiful this game is, but I don’t plan on keeping a broken app.

Very fun and addictive! Only issue is that some of the dialogues of characters are cut off during game play but otherwise I enjoy it a lot especially with the hatsune miku update.

Last Update :

Lead Skill feature preparations
UI improvements
Change Units > Recommended Units: Requirements for target quests are now visualized
Unit name search feature added in the Item Exchange
Skill activation BGM change setting option added
Unit name search feature added
Quest details can be now visualized in Raid Quest mode
Improvements in Hatcher animations

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Video :

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