Creative Destruction Advance – Everything is fully destructible

[Game] Creative Destruction Advance

Creative Destruction Advance  Welcome to the world of Creative Destruction where everything is fully destructible!

Creative Destruction is a new sandbox survival mobile game that features the utmost fun of building and firing.

You will parachute onto a 4*4 km massive map with 13 different enchanted lands. Starting with only your Destructor in hand, you must survive a 100 player deathmatch!

Break, build and defend! You can create or destroy battlefields via the unique workshop system. You can even unlock TPS or FPS mode to outgun and outwit your enemies!

Beware, you are racing against the clock to avoid snowstorm, enemies’ bullets, and ultimately death! So fight like a lone wolf or team up to unleash your inner beast.

Come battle in this wonderland and craft your own way to victory now!

Creative Destruction Advance user reviews :

This is a good game but u should make it so characters don’t cost gems and because gems need real money and some peoples mom’s won’t buy things in games. I’ll give it five stars but make it so u can buy characters with Ingame coins and make the game ranked because after the first match its so hard

It is an amazing game…but I do have some constructive criticism…first off it would be wonderful if we had some in map updates,instead of Shop ones..And second of all, I would love it if all devices had the same graphics..e.g I have played in 2 different Samsung mobiles and on one the graphics are very archaic in opposition to the other one.

this game is so cool, building,battles,etc is just so nice! This is great to be honest. I give 5 stars cuz the game is helping to practise or others. This game is helpful to tell the truth. It makes me happier! I’m interested in this game and I think you deserve more subs (To let them install tahts what I mean) Cool game,Nice, Free stuff and I like it! Actually there is a little bit lag where I lose. Please fix it but I’ll give it 5 stars also, could we please have free diamonds? Btw. Nice game

Great game!! Could you change the way we edit though. It is quite difficult for mobile players. Maybe a bit more like fortnite mobile editing. Overall though brilliant game

Its really good game no problem witg it but would you ever consider adding a pyramid/cone system into the game just like fortnite many people with like that and also the edit system and and every time i pump someone i press the ramp button but it does no show instantly in order to block my shot from my opponent please fix that and make thr edit system look more like fortnite or strucid

Amazing game, I love all the CREATIVE micanics in the game even though it is a copy of Fortnite, but that’s what I love about it I definitely recommend downloading it

Creative Destruction Download

Less storage! This has less storage but is as good as original I recommend Advance over the original one!

A RIPOFF of fortnite but it’s awesome I LOVE IT PLZ DOWNLOAD and also I can never find med packs and healing things can you add a few more around the map? Thx

Is plagiat but i like it because fortnite remoded fortcraft and is very good game .To please!!!fortnite come for or the android

This game is Asome it has everything a shooting / battle royal mobile game needs but for some reason it won’t login and it’s bugging me but I try and play but pls try and fix it this game can go really so pls don’t let a stupid bug like not letting players login disturb just pls fix it

This game is awesome people, those who haven’t tried this game I recommend it but please can you add emotes like on Fortnite and something like playground mode then this game would be my favourite battle royal game on mobile

Hi!Really good game but I would like a playground mode in.Like fortnite.I also think u should be able to edit buildings and please do more pickaxes.Aswell as that please make a new map.

Pls i need a playground mode so it is like 4 players or 2 players and u can switch team and play against each other on the whole map and Unlimited respawns

Hi i love tjis game sooooo much but can you add some new emotes and a new map i am not forcing you guys if you can add an new map please

Amazing. I was surprised that it actually ran on my device. Great game. All that is left to to create custom rooms where only friends can join. Basically Fortnite Playground.

Really good game but please make options for any device to use ultra low setting I want to make video on it

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