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[Game] Cross One – Number Puzzle Game

Cross OneCross One : Are you ready for hundreds of fun number puzzles?

Cross One is the ultimate collection of fun logic puzzles with over 540+ levels. Gameplay is incredibly easy to learn and literally takes seconds to understand.However, each new puzzle is progressively tougher than the previous math puzzle so it becomes challenging.

The game area has a crossword-like dashboard with 25 tiles you can tap on, and each tap will add 1 to whatever number is in the tiles above/below/left or right.

The goal is to match the numbers puzzle pattern shown initially at the start of the level. Use your wits, your puzzle-solving skill and try to finish each level with as few movements as possible to gain 3 stars. The slightest mistake and you must restart solving that numbers puzzle – unless you use Undos or Hints.


Number-puzzle Gameplay.
Cross One has a very simple gameplay which you’ll learn in less than 10 seconds. You are shown a pattern of numbers on a 5×5 board with tiles. Every tap on a tile adds 1 to the adjacent tiles in 4 directions. The ultimate goal for each number puzzle is to match the given pattern. While the game is easy to learn and play, puzzles get insanely tough. One wrong tap and you must restart the level.

Hundreds of Levels.
With Cross One you’re guaranteed hundreds of hours of gameplay. There are currently 540 puzzles to solve, that range in difficulty from Rookie to God levels (way beyond Nightmare). You earn up to 3 stars for each completed puzzle level, and based on gained stars you can advance to more difficult puzzles. Each numbers puzzle is replayable so if you are not happy with how many stars you received you can replay it. Puzzles have multiple solutions, however, the less movements you make the more stars you gain.

The Tower Puzzle Challenge.
You can play 540+ levels and solve the logical puzzles one by one, or you can play the Tower challenge. The purpose of the puzzle challenge is to see how many number puzzles you can solve and compare your score with others in the same country. You can challenge players from 208 different countries to this crossword puzzle with numbers.

Undo Movements & Hints.
If you get stuck during a level and you’ve made a wrong move, you have the option of undoing it. Undoing movements won’t penalize you, however you have a limited amount of undos. These numbers puzzles get tougher as you advance so the word of advice is not to use up all your undos early in the game. You also get hints that will show you where you should tap.

Material Design Graphics.
The game graphics have a material-design style with simplicity in mind. This allows you to focus on the actual logic puzzle to solve. You can pick your favorite color theme from a palette of several options. The puzzle dashboard color theme changes automatically once you level up to a higher game difficulty. Cross One is accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack and exciting sounds.

Leaderboard & Achievements.
Unlock more than 19 achievements, from reaching the Rookie level up to achieving the Legend of the numbers puzzle status. You can challenge your friends and see how you stack up against them in the worldwide leaderboards. 3 different leaderboards, based on how many total puzzles you’ve solved, who reached the highest level or perfectly clearing a stage without any mistakes.

Cross One is as easy to play as it is addictive to solve.
The more you play it, the more difficult puzzles become thus addiction kicks in.

We’d love to hear how far you’ve advanced in solving these fun math puzzles so feel free to leave your comment.
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