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[App] Cryptohopper – Trading bot and Portfolio Manager

Cryptohopper  Need help trading Bitcoin and Crypto? Do you lack experience, or simply a tool that gives you an edge?

Cryptohopper is the leading automated crypto trading bot that has helped 150,000+ traders to get results – now it can help you too!

Fast automated trading, and portfolio management for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and 100+ other cryptocurrencies on the world’s top crypto exchanges

Experience cryptocurrency’s #1 trading bot
is user-friendly for newbies and experts alike, making it the first choice for traders around the world

Change strategies anytime, anyplace
with this convenient Cryptohopper app (iOS, Android) that makes it easy to keep track of your investments. Use our platform for full functionality.

Copy successful trading pros effortlessly
with downloadable strategy templates, signaler subscriptions, and fast mirror trading

Save time with automated 1-click trading
that lets you execute 24/7 trading following your own technical indicators or mirror those of signalers

Connect to your favorite crypto exchange;
Practice with simulated action;
Copy the trading styles from pro-traders;
Design and backtest strategies;
Use advanced tools such as a trailing stop loss.

And now with our mobile app:
Immediate execution of your positions
Track your transactions anywhere, anytime.
Outsmart your friends.
Receive push notifications about orders, triggers and more
Optional biometric authentication
Configure your Hopper with your app

Cryptohopper does not take any commissions, we only charge monthly subscription costs.

Cryptohopper is the best tool for all crypto kinds of crypto traders.

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Cryptohopper user reviews :

Really good app when it works, does exactly what it says on the tin. However I have to restart the app several times in a row and have to log out and back in multiple times for it to work, this is a real disappointment and honestly a big let down for the company as this intermittentcy will push people away fortunately I have a good experience with the company even if the app is very hit and miss, I’m sure this will be investigated and patched in the near future Hopefully fix the instability

App works well I like it. It only lacks the function of being able to alter your strategies and signals from within the app. I have to use my phone’s browser for that which I find rather annoying to have an app but still have to go through browser for stuff I really need to access. But overall am happy with the service and happy with the app.

The trading bot is great once configured, the app is just ok. Kinda glitchy and freezes sometimes. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Use the website, it’s worth the time it takes to figure out. They give you a paper account to work out the kinks. I would highly recommend visiting the marketplace and getting a set of DEX products: template, strategy and signals. Worth the $. There’s a guide linked in their description to set up. Then wait a few days before you judge it, it takes 2-3 days to get going.

It does what is supposed to do, as long as you know what you’re doing. Great app. Could perhaps get even better if you could manage the hopper from inside the app and work out all you settings as in the web version, hence the 4* and not 5*

The app for me is a 5 star, but I want to report a bug I still haven’t made any trading so my stats section is empty, however when I try to go on it the app either crashes by itself or gets stuck I know this isn’t a good way to report a bug but that’s what I’ve got I don’t know if the problem is my android version or only the fact that my stats are empty but I hope it will work after some trades

CH is more robust and user friendly than its competitors, but the app and customer service are both AWFUL. CS just pastes in unrelated generic responses or collects a piece of information at a time until you give up on the back and forth. The app lacks some basic functionality that is available on the website (eg removing, splitting positions), and while frustrating, that isnt the deal breaker. The biggest problem is its 99% failure to load the current positions page and frequent crashing.

I am an enormous fan of Cryptohopper. I have tried three other subscription services. Cryptohopper was available to help me with an issue via live chat. I don’t even use Tinder or Netflix anymore, this is my fav app. The only thing I would change is the profit calculator that cannot reset (does not affect bot) ane the silly buy/sell icons. It feels like 1998. I have two subscriptions with different strategies competing to live another month. I only leave reviews for my favorite things.thx!

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