Cure Hunters – Mysterious meteorite hit the surface of the earth

[Game] Cure Hunters

Cure HuntersCure Hunters : In the year 2078 a mysterious meteorite hit the surface of the earth.

The impact caused the meteorite to release a virus which infected most of earth’s population. General “Vaccinez” quickly formed a squad of Cure Hunters who set out to find an antidote.

One of the recruits, “Dr. Dellton”, has been sent on a mission to cure an area of infected. And so the adventure begins.

Will you save the earth?

Features :

Awesome action-paced platformer
Collect a variety of characters with unique guns
Beautiful pixel art graphics
Retro music by Moose

Cure Hunters user reviews :

It’s really fun for awhile, but once you unlock all the characters (which can be done relatively quickly) there is nothing left for you to do. The base weapons you get on mid-tier characters are better than every other gun you can buy in the shop so you end up hoarding coins for health if you need it and there isn’t much progression after that.

Good for a while but then gets super annoying in the ice level where these ice spikes drop out of nowhere and there’s no way to dodge them without falling into spikes below if you’re mid air. There’s also some other bad level design here and there but overall a decent game, could’ve been better though

I have a feel like playing mercenary King but mobile version, hope dev can add weapon customization, mounting varieties of vehicle types, add prone function, shoot up and 45 degree function, and it will be more fun if there is Bluetooth so that we can play with friends, please add challenge mission or brawl, hope will see it the next updates.please add save point in the mission

The game is an AWESOME OLD SCHOOL GOLD but what ruins it is that it doesn’t have a PAUSE and QUIT button…If you want to exit you have to force close the application and after exiting, when you will open it again…You have to RESTART FROM THE BEGINNING 2star

I would give 5 stars but I think you should be able to adjust the size of the on screen controls or at least have small, medium, large options. Other than that it has great graphics and smooth gameplay. Update: I came back to playing and it seems the controls are even less responsive than before.

feels like its inspired by metal slug which was an awesome game and so far this game has not disappointed me at all, beautiful graphics, sound effects, music, characters, levels and the story is cool too! so excited to play more!

It’s a great game to play on and offine but, I just can’t stand dying and starting all over again. Plus there is no level select and that somewhat makes this game fair.

the game is fun at first, but reaches a level of difficulty that isnt sustained by any form of reward system that makes the difficulty fun to get over. the game also makes you reatsert back to level one if you die, or run out of coins. meaning you can either keep slogging through the same 3 levels until you have enough coins to upgrade. or you just keep getting coins so you can keep reviving yourself to get through the levels thay always increase in difficulty. TLDR: A level save would be nice.

I think it’s really fun, a little repetitive on the levels, because they seem or are the same each time I enter the levels. It would seem nice to be able to experience change, but that’s just me. I would also like to point out that it would also be nice to be able to upgrade characters, even if it’s just health or something like that, or even if it costed a lot. Overall I find it fun and keep at the good work, I hope to see some updates in the future no matter what they’re for.

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