Cutting Edge – Land a perfect score

[Game] Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge  Skate through the ice and land a perfect score!

Can you raise above the competition and be on the cutting edge?

Cutting Edge user reviews :

I’d give it 5 stars, but the only problem is that when I finish the level and tells me how much diamond’s I have, it comes up with x4 to get more diamond’s, but you have to watch an advert. The problem though is that I cannot go onto the next level unless I click the x4 button to get more diamond’s, since there isn’t a ‘no thanks’ button. Apart from that, good game

Really enjoy playing! One problem though, if it comes up saying you can get a new skin by watching an ad if you don’t want it says underneath “No thanks, I’m boring” That’s not being boring! That’s just saying you don’t want to watch an a advert! That’s the first game I’ve played saying that.

Well this game is cool and here are the reasons I recommend you don’t play it,1 …there are so many adds ,2 … its a bit boring,3 …it’s not like a main game its like a game for when u are board,4 ….its the easiest game I like my games hard,5 …the game should have a lot and I mean a lot of updates.And those are all the reasons I don’t recommend you play this game… bye have a good day,always remember “you mater”.

Great game, very entertaining, tho when I accidentally skipped the add, I saved up to but the trick called bellman, saved up twice, payed twice, never got the trick. Updating now to see if it helps

It is a fun game and it’s very entertaining but it’s very lagging and there are too many adds! Please fix this game and remove all the adds!

This is a really good game but the reason I didn’t give it a 5 star is because you can’t dress up your husband/boyfriend Please change this cause this would be a better again

you can also try

Way too many ads – 1 after every level before even getting to the stage of “watch an ad to double your reward” – plug it freezes regularly.

I like this game because first thing I downloaded and that’s why it it’s kind of going to let you pass it like and my tablet clock but I still can play games on it and it’s a rocks and this game is so good cuz they keep on making me winning so I don’t know why this game is so good everybody download this this is my bro

Overall nice game maybe if you add new levels this game would be great, because after level 50 it’s pretty much the same course.

I do not recommend it’s so laggy if you want a laggy game get it but I really don’t recommend lots of ads really laggy sometimes press the twirl or jump or duck it’s really bad and it’s not staying on my phone I DELETED it really bad don’t get it I really don’t recommend

When you are finished playing the game, you have to ex the game out, and reload it. It takes too much time. That’s why I rated this game a 3/5 stars

It is fun for a little but then when you hit level 50 level 50 is the rest of the levels. Every other level is the same, and when I try to buy new moves it takes the money but does not give me the move. There are also an excessive amount of ads. I think if you are going to make a game with over 50 levels, then you should make over 50 courses. It also gets boring after a while.

Well I’m a real skater so it’s kinda weird at the end because no skater can do that many rotations in the air that fast so I’m kind sad that it’s that real but other than that it was awsome I really like it other than I’m and figure skater and that I know what those things actually look like in all. But everything cant be perfect it’s an awsome game if you like the game give a try to ice skating it’s the best if you get hurt get up and try again

Excessive ads, decent gameplay tho, if a little difficult

After 50 levels you are doing the same tricks so maybe you can incorporate somewhere there is competition and actual judges because it becomes boring after doing it a lot of times.

This is surprisingly good. I hope the developer continue to add more challenge to the levels and add more characters.

It is a realy fun game but there is 1 thing, wen i buy something with my coins i spend them on it, but then it dosent give it to me.

I love this game but too many ads if you can fix it it will be the the best game

This game is so fun I love it I can play it all day long I recommend getting this game cause it’s super fun and entertaning

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