Dadish 2 – Help reunite Dadish with his missing kids

[Game] Dadish 2

Dadish 2  He’s a dad, and a radish, and he’s back in his biggest adventure yet!

After an impromptu “Bring Your Kids To Work Day” goes awry, Dadish sets off to find his missing children. Along the way he’ll wade through swamps, ride rockets, climb a big tree, and even visit outer space! Help reunite Dadish with his missing kids in this charming and challenging platforming adventure.

Dadish’s biggest adventure yet!
A challenging retro platformer from the creator of Super Fowlst and Dadish
50 rad levels
Tons of rude and sassy baby radishes to find
Sometimes you can ride on a giant talking hamburger
A whole new gang of fast-food themed baddies
Five new bosses, all of whom have personal problems
A whole bunch of screechy possums
The further joys of fatherhood
Controller support
A cool soundtrack
The dialog is funny, I guess?
I think the graphics are pretty good
Collectable stars
Unlockable secrets
Follow your dreams

Dadish 2 user reviews :

It is really good. The graphics are amazing and I like how each world is unique. Also that each world has different music themes. The new foods are really challenging to beat and I like the cupcake monster. Overall, it is really great. No problems for me in the game and I am still completing the game. If I find any problems, I will immediately report them.

Great simple platformer. The final unlock of “fowl mode” isn’t exactly a *great* “prize”. But, the prize is the FUN of playing a free platformer with pretty good control for a mobile; a cute, cheeky, and absurd sense of humor; and not completely effed by monetization. There are ads, but not long or intrusive. The basic game is enough to challenge beginner gamers, but to unlock everything – it will pose at least a fun challenge to even good platform gamers. There is nothing requiring purchase 5*s

I had so much fun playing the first game! And this one is more fun! New bosses, interesting levels, plus some levels are kinda hard and in my opinion this is what makes the game fun I can’t wait to finish this game but in the same time I don’t want to end it.. Will there be a Dadish 3? Will this game be able to be played in two players in one day? Can’t wait to find out!

I’m surprised no one has wrote a review on this game it’s a pretty amazing, and cute 2D platformer, the only thing I’m a little bit disappointed about, is that the game really lacks any new substance, you’re basically just playing a few more worlds, there are some brand new enemies, but so far nothing is really new, aside from the fact that radishes can have jobs, that’s actually a really wired sentence.

Just as great as the first game! Challenging but not impossible, same cute pixellated art style, witty dialogue that encouraged me to keep playing to find out what happened next! 10/10, can’t wait to play the rest of this dev’s games!

I love this game. I loved the original. They are so cute and fun and the humor has made me laugh out loud a couple times (especially in the first one!) My ONLY request, is that the game and ad volumes be the same. The amount of ads is fine and I understand paying to remove them, but the volume level of the ads compared to the game is INSANE. I usually play all games without sound/music so it wouldn’t bother me, but I LOVE the sounds and music in this game. Especially the mustard sounds lol.

This game is amazing! The hidden stars are such a nice addition. The best part are the little conversations between the dad and the kids at the end of every stage. While not as charming as in the first game, they are still great. The endgame has improved so much compared to the first game. It was lame in the first one, but it’s like I unlocked a completely new game. Can’t wait for the third part

From my personal experience, Dadish 2 was brilliantly executed! A few new game mechanics that made each world a little more interesting, and wow, I agree with everyone else when they say that Dadish 2 is quite difficult, especially when looking for stars (level 39 took a long time to find, you hid that one especially well lol). I loved the Fowlst mode too, it’s super fun and a new way to play the same levels. Overall, this was a great experience! Can’t wait for Dadish 3

I think that it’s an extremely fun game!!! But there are a few things I didn’t like, specifically how the game has random spikes in difficulty then goes back to being way too easy. That, plus some of the check points felt a bit out of place and the hamburglar levels felt a bit weird. Still very fun though, can’t wait for dadish 3!

No issues with this game whatsoever. Just a wholy fun experience made with mobile devices in mind. I only wish it was a bit harder and longer, but that’s just a testament how good this game is.

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