Dark Fantasy – When do you think the human personality will fall

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Dark Fantasy   It is a high-quality 3D neglected clear RPG game that allows time travel because it is so fun.

When do you think the human personality will fall?
When you slay a monster and feel stronger? No,
When defeated by a monster and running back? No,

That’s when, during a fight with a monster, you become a monster by yourself.
Always keep in mind that when we look at the monster’s abyss, that abyss is also looking at us,
Are you afraid of monsters?? Don’t worry, there are warriors, archers, and wizards in class.

Simple Growth & play! No Complexity! For all ages!
Click to attack & grow!
Everyone can easily access it!

My character using various skins!!
Get great looks and powerful power to defeat monsters through weapon costumes!

Endless achievement quest! Various content! The reward is huge~♪
Don’t miss the chance to earn generous rewards every day!

Every word from you can guide the game in the right direction.

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Developer Mail: cs[at]gamepub.co.kr
Developer Contact: +8202-1666-7198
Game Pub Co., Ltd. 13th Floor, Queen’s Park Nine Building C, 247 Gonghang-Daero, Gangseo-gu, Seoul

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Dark Fantasy user reviews :

Farming gold is hard…as gold is required in large amount to upgrade…real money offers are also bad…..ads remove is a good option but still need to wait for 20 minutes to collect next gold or battle points or coupon to fight….i think hackers are there in this game as I couldn’t win against half my battle power….

Fun fact, after you hit stage 50, the game will have to download more. You try to change your in game name, the game crashes. You reload and find out your WHOLE character has been wiped and is now gone and you have to start from stage 1 again. The game crashes. You try a different device. And a new character yet again is in its place. You attempt to join the game to play and now the game will no longer load. 1/5

a very bad treadmill of a game. it just plays itself while you watch 6 million ads. Heavy pay to win mechanics as legendary weapons are for sale for 30 dollars. All othe equipment come from the standard gacha and is tier based on how many boxes you buy. Takes until stage 51 to even name your character (30-40 mins). Numbers just scale exponentially forever theres no strategy or planning out characters just press level up and upgrade equipment. Story is non-existent. Zero stars if I could.

This game released way too early. Could be an incredible game after a month or two, for now its bad. Deleting it for know. Add x5 x10 ticket using option in arena&dungeons. Add guilds, add daily events. Actually add much more stuff. Anyways bye

Pretty good idle game! Pros: Very generous with the premium currency and equipment gacha crates Some interesting monster designs Progression feels like actual work Cons: Doesn’t really have a story outside of “go to hell kill monster” The translation into English at least needs polishing, lots of grammatical and spelling issues You only get three main heroes, after that you can pick three different ‘mercenaries’ but they only appear in battle

Graphics is good, but gameplay is boring. Feels like other tap tap games. And the worst thing is that I’m unable to login for the second time. Stuck on the welcome screen. This game really sucks!!

Thanks to the devs for wiping my character I spent money on!! Went to check my character and I was reverted back to nothing!!! Crooks and liars! Invested alot of time Into this game watched all the stupid ads for gems had all my characters over 800 attack at 91B and got basically cheated. ZERO STARS!!
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this game is fun, amazing and great old school take back to many years! hack and slash can’t get any better then that. I don’t think this game is pay to win..not many apps give out free in game currency like this..so if you manage you can do well! 5 stars from me.

OK enjoyable game. Seems to be a lot less to upgrade compared to similar games. Nice ad sponsored rewards…when they load. Seems to be an issue loading ads so no rewards

First couple hours up the server is already down for maintenance. Massive compensations where given for the downtime way more than any other game I’ve played.

pretty damn good, so far I like it. though I would prefer to choose between female and male chars rather then them being forced. I like an all female team. but alas it’s still good.

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