Dark of Alchemist – Risking your life to explore

[Game] Dark of Alchemist – Dungeon Crawler RPG

Dark of AlchemistDark of Alchemist game is an action-packed dungeon crawler RPG set in an old castle with a dark and foreboding atmosphere.

Risking your life to explore
As the main character of this game, you are not some burly soldier or skilled sorcerer. As you battle monsters, even the small fry faced at the beginning can defeat you if you’re not careful. To survive, you’ll have to pay close attention to your surroundings and use a variety of tactics, sometimes hiding and sometimes delivering a surprise attack that leaves your enemies mortally wounded.

Gaining strength through item alchemy
In this game, you must make all the essential equipment and healing items for your journey by yourself. As you explore the dungeon, combine the materials you find to transmute items. Craft powerful items and you’ll be able to defeat enemies you couldn’t handle before.

Continually think of the best possible plan
You will be forced to make lots of decision to survive. Do you move forward or retreat? Fight or hide? Which items will you pick up, and which will you leave behind? Each choice you make will affect your survival rate.

Dark fantasy world
Your father, the king and a great alchemist, was killed by a god from another world. You have returned to his abandoned castle to obliterate his murderer and get your revenge.

The castle interior is overrun with monsters, and there are also explorers of uncertain character searching for treasure inside.

Using the alchemy skills you learned from your father, will you be able to reach toe the top floor where the god who murdered him lies in wait…?

Dark of Alchemist user reviews :

There are many enjoyable rpg aspects to this game. There are also less enjoyable features like juggling weapons (and going bare handed) to save durability when battling. Surprise attacks felt op and some weaker items felt mundane with their accuracy reductions. A fun game that is currently growing on me and may earn a more favorable review if the grind through 2f isn’t too ridiculous. Leveling has slowed to nearly a halt and my growth points with it. Thanks for what I’ve enjoyed so far

Absolutely amazing game. So immersive and well thought out. I’d say a good 12 hours to clock the 5 dungeons, but there’s more to it than just that… The music was really powerful, and the effects were appropriate without being too much. The main thing for me on this, no in app purchases, and the ads are sensible and skippable. Can get small boosts from watching 15-30 second ads which is perfect. Hopefully the dev doesn’t get greedy, cause it could ruin try the game.

Really good but the stamina is bad like it takes stamina to do anything heal search the area move to the next area and if you run out of stamina it uses health like what? It should just make you unable to carry on and you go back to camp. Also when your at bace you get offline stamina regen thanks.

So far, this is an intresting game. I like the story. The music fits well and its a challenge. Inventory is a bit small but i seeyou can increase it. Along with many things.Im giving 4 stars for originality and concept. Stamina goes fast but i get the purpose. Ill update later good job! Recommend a download

Very nice little game, right mixture of difficulty vs ease of learning. Took 1 star off since the items that require a perk machine ticket to transmute aren’t checking my perk ticket amount but instead probably check my inventory for one, which is impossible to have.

The game is good, but i hope items could stack instead of having them take up 1 space each. Maybe stack at least 5 each before the take up a space. Aside from that the gane, the graphics, the gameplay is great and interactive.

Good old school dungeon RPG only thing I don’t like is there is not enough inventory space for the items you find.

Simply put, an amazing little RPG. Elegant, gripping and far more than a tap and yawn. Seven stars isn’t enough in my book!

So far so good there is just enough life to keep you alive throughout the dungeons. as far as I can see they have done a good job on this one !

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