DarkBlood2 – Listen to the cry of the souls

[Game] DarkBlood2 – The Cry of Souls

DarkBlood2    While maintaining the fascination of card battles, the degree of freedom in the adventure has increased dramatically!

More than 10 characters can be used in this game. You will be able to use the adventurer by having conversations, deepening friendships, and solving quests.
Those who have survived numbers of deaths, listen to the cry of the souls!

A world wider than the previous game
This time, the adventure begins in a certain town. Visiting the bar, you can meet various people, so remember to gather information while having a conversation. Depending on the conversation options, it can be friendly or hostile.

Free character development
This time you can choose the character to play. There are unique characters with distinct personality such as warrior, magician, and martial artist. You must solve various requested quests to use them. By training the newly added strength, physical strength, and skill status, you can be free to make characters such as agile dual-wield knights and heavy warriors that emphasize attack power.

Deepened dungeon
In dungeon this time, exploration is no longer a straight road due to the increase in choices such as forks and stairs. There will be more events than the previous game, and more judgments are required. The dungeon is automatically generated, so you can always play with a fresh feeling.

Card battles with increased fascination
The card battle system of the previous game has been further developed! Fight by using different skills for each character! Several monsters also appear this time. You can’t survive unless you make a strategy while building cards.

Beautiful dot art
Continuing from the prequel, dot creator Ginoya will be in charge of the game graphics. The graphics are more detailed and beautiful with smaller display dots compared to the previous game. Don’t miss the brand new graphics of monsters and items!

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DarkBlood2 user reviews :

I like it as a part2 but it really needs more. Armour, weapons, and content. The crafting is interesting but I’d rather farm for good loot. I like the hidden quest! very nice touch. Would love more stuff to do and plz more English translation. I hope for a bigger open world in the future, other towns and possibly a continent to rome on.

The English text got cut off so I missed some bit of info and tutorial. Other than that, I think it’s a solid rpg. The story is nice and pretty easy to follow and the combat is simple but engaging. Really nice game apart from the issue I already said before which detract quite a bit from the gameplay.

Repetitive gameplay, bad interface, bad english translations, text goes out of the text box so you can’t read much of it, some text still isn’t in english even with english selected, poison lasts forever if you don’t have an antidote, you can’t check enemy health or the damage some of your cards like the green attacks are going to do so there’s a lot of trial and error. Some of the music is bad, some is poorly looped. Graphics are passable and the story isn’t engaging. It’s just not very fun.

Fun game. A lot more things to do than the original DarkBlood, and there’s a story this time. The main issue is that in the English version, if there’s too much text in the speech box, you can’t read the rest of it.

Its OK but Dark blood 1 was much much greater for me, it had better formula. straightforward, mystical, balanced, rewarding, immersive, mesmerising, dark and mysterious.

Play the first to death now this one is on the chopping block! Great work, more of the same with updated mechanics.

Meh, how can you complain. I hope it gets more complex with that battles. I think a dog could do it just by scratching at your phone.

Fun engaging game with a very retro feel.

Sometime some text is not complet or cut but it is still playable so 4 star for you

I like dungeon game and I tried this game it’s good and the role play is good too

Very interestimg text based game

This game has very good potential, too bad that the dialogue always get cut

The main atractive things is character.

Nice game …fun

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