Darkfire Heroes – Lead the brave fight against evil enemies

[Game] Darkfire Heroes

Darkfire Heroes  Collect and battle with more than 50 heroes from 6 unique factions in this action fantasy RPG game.

Assemble teams, build strategies, and lead the brave fight against evil enemies and monsters! Prove your skills as you cast magic spells and unleash powerful special attacks to save the lost realm in this battle fantasy RPG adventure. Unlike idle games, Darkfire Heroes lets you show your skills in the entire fight against evil enemies or an evil dragon boss.

Upgrade your hero and customize your gear to master battle and fight tactics. Play a massive campaign that pits you against evil minions, brutal boss monsters and otherworldly beasts, like ancient dragons. Go up against global opponents in the PVP Arena.


In this RPG fantasy adventure, your battle strategy matters. Be brave, pick the right heroes and magic spells for battle. Equip each hero with magic gear and ensure they are fully upgraded and ready for strategic RPG battle on a quest. With more than 50 heroes, 20 magic spells, and hundreds of epic skills and gear pieces, the fight tactics are limitless.


Assemble a squad of knights, sorcerers, archers, clerics, wizards, assassins,
warriors, priests and more to defeat the dark forces in every level. Each hero has unique special attacks and custom battle skills. You decide if your squad focuses on area damage, single target attacks, healing or a combination of it all.


Show your skills in real-time battle and dominate the PVP Arena level. With many gripping PVP modes, you’ll never get bored of crushing your friends & other players from around the world. This is not an idle game. Play game modes from head-to-head fights to thrilling contests. Build your squad and rule the PVP Arena. Climb the Trophy Road rankings and claim loot!


Take on challenges, show your skills, and battle the deadly boss for valuable loot. Vanquish lich lords, giant spiders, and fire breathing dragons. If your team is brave enough, begin the quest on a harder level for more powerful rewards and loot.


Enter the fantasy realm of Darkfire Heroes and go on a heroic adventure. Explore hundreds of levels across more than 10 breathtaking locations. Your squad will journey from ancient valleys to haunted castles, and from frozen peaks to volcanic mountains. Your heroes are the only hope to defend the free lands.


Fight evil hordes, with support from other epic players and friends. Join a mighty clan or build your own by recruiting the best players in the free lands. Earn a valuable clan chest each week by brawling other players in the PVP Arena. Share strategies, tactics and favorite heroes in the clan chat and become the most powerful clan in the realm.

Download and play Darkfire Heroes

Enjoy fast-paced thrills in an epic, free-to-play fantasy RPG adventure game
Collect characters and lead teams of brave heroes in real-time battle against evil monsters and boss enemies.
Build different teams from more than 50 heroes and magic spells for each quest
Show your skills – this is not an idle game!
Brawl in the epic PVP Arena against players from all over the world
Earn chests and collect valuable loot to upgrade your hero, magic spells and gear
Save the free lands from evil monsters, like dragons, as you explore an epic massive campaign

This game has in-app purchases. Some paid items may not be refundable
depending on its type.

Official Website: darkfireheroes.net
Support: https: support.rovio.com/
Privacy Policy: www.rovio.com/privacy/

Darkfire Heroes user reviews :

I’m addicted to this game. I love the strategy and how good the game looks. My only issue thats keeping this from being 5 stars is it has alot of lag issues. Sometimes the game freezes up, and I lose the mission because of that. So please try and fix that so I can change my rating to a 5 because this game more then deserves it!

Great so far not p2w far as I can tell. There are a bit many offers for real money thrown at you but now a days I can’t blame them for trying. I would like to see more rewards offered via watching ads as opposed to being able to simply purchase your way to the top but hey I’m new to the game and it’s been enjoyable so far.

Awesome game so far! A few of the pay to win items could be better value, but then again, I’m fine with it if they are trying to level the fields with f2p characters. You should also add resources based on ad watching, extra chests or whatever. Overall it’s a fun game! Visually very appealing also.

I like the auto option when feeling lazy but still one can get a better outcome flying manual. Seem like it will give one plenty of content down the road. But got to agree with Jake as I get farther in I have been slowed down by the cost of playing. Being on a fixed income$10 to $20 to $50 packages are out of my reach along with buying gem to buy chests, gold to level up spells and buy raw materials to level up gear. The game has become a wait and hope for the free chests to yield workable stuf

Great system of character advancement and leveling. I like the stat cards for each hero. The equipment cards you can get for the heroes

Very fun game, lots of heroes to choose from. Form your own teams, arm your heroes and prepare for a wide variety of adventures

Having played this game for quite a while I can happily say the devs have always communicated with us. We have had the 1st patch since Rovio has taken over and the communication has still been there. It has been a slow road but with the game being in beta that was expected. It is definitely ramping up now and all the major guilds are happy with the progress. If you decide to try it out, Diablo 2 is recruiting new players and we have a discord and active community.

Great game but come on guys… the stamina needs to be improved… prob the worst/lowest stamina system ive ever. *Found out angry birds dev bought this game… already filthy rich and they increased the price of chests.. brought down from 2 stars to 1 for greed

Love the game very different and the graphics are awesome!!!

Latest Update :

With summer upon us, it is time to return to some of our favorite events of the past 6 months. We revisit the Darbad archipelago, the Monster Hunters of Karovia as well as the Riamo Caravan. In the campaign you get to cool off in the Dimension of Ice where new enemies await – the Frost Shades. Finally some balance changes have been made to improve the overall experience of a hero and some spells.

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