Darts of Fury – Climb up the Leagues and aim for League promotion

[Game] Darts of Fury

Darts of FuryDarts of Fury : Let’s play darts! Compete against real opponents in epic darts matches.

Easy to learn with a simple swipe-to-throw mechanic, interactive dartboards and explosive scoring.

LEAGUES – take on your League and earn prizes on your way to promotion
MULTIPLAYER – go up against real players from all around the world
CUSTOMISE – customise your darts with 100’s of flight and design combinations
STUNNING – play in an amazing darts arena complete with interactive dartboards and big screen action

Thank you for helping us test Darts of Fury. We’d love to hear your feedback as we continue to improve the game.

User reviews :

This app is fun and you play against realistic competition that keeps the individual and overall games exciting and leaves you wanting to play the next game. Very few annoying interruptions so game continues on as does the competition level. You’ll enjoy this game if jjjjyou’re looking for a game or two for a quick break or if you’re looking to find a way to kill an hour or two while staying entertained

The game is good. You uave to getbto level 73 before you can olay 501. The game woukd be better if you could search for your friends instead of only having facebook friends as some of my friends dont use Facebook. This game could do with something else like a 701 pairs game, because all you can do is play leagues and a choice of 3 darts games cricket, climb out and shanghai.

Awesome graffics great game play easy to grasp throwing the darts and great pratice to level up love the game ads are not so bad…update 1/26/21 the coins that is won cannot keep up with price of the league darts thats reqiured for each leaque played… 9/21/2021 update… The recent update sucks now it takes a second or two for the daily prizes ads to load and seems to freeze up love the game please fix the bugs…which are not totally fix…

I ran out of coins. When I tried to watch ads to get coins there was none available. I am not going to spend my real money for fake money in order to play. I really enjoyed playing but I’m not going to spend my hard earned money

Omg I love it! Never thought I would like darts but I am a very competitive person and this game rocks! I haven’t had to watch any adds or buy anything if you don’t want to! Thanks!

I gave this game a bad review a month or two ago, but since learning how to play it it’s come to be the number one game I play the most now. I really enjoy it. So I’m changing my one star to a five…keep up the good work…

League play is ok, but competition play is ridiculous. Every player they matched me against would get a triple. They obviously don’t match it based on experience level.

Awesome. Play for free or pay for perks. Tons of rewards and customization options even for the F2P players. Well done devs.

It would be a better game if I was able to congratulate your opponent after a match, as it is now, win or lose, you always go away from the game wondering,”what just happened? I never go away feeling the way you do when you finally won a mat? I like winning, I also like to be the best loser I possibly can. It was the way I was brought up. Also needs better payouts for both the Gems, and the play tickets. Hard to recommend it if you could go one round and not get asked to buy something.

Great game but upgrading your darts costs alot more than you make playing career mode. Battle mode pairs with any player, which for me seems to always be someone who’s level exceeds mine by at least 50 which is alot for the game. Other than that I would give it 5 stars. Gameplay is really good. It is worth the download honestly.

Amazing game, I don’t play many Apps but I’m very impressed by this one. Graphics and gameplay are awesome. It’s very intuitive and quite addictive. Great way to spend a few moments to clear the mind unless you have things to do!

Game is fun, but the monetization detracts from it. Would much prefer an option to outright purchase app and not be hassled with time limits.
  • Yakuto
  • Thanks for expanding on why you don’t like it, our previous game Table Tennis Touch might be more for you as it is a one time purchase. If you’re interested please check it out! Hope you may reconsider the 1 star review for a game you find fun, we could use the support :) Thank you for playing!
Another great game from Yakuto
  • Yakuto
  • Thank you for the review Michael!

Last Update :

Bug fixes and improvements. Thanks for playing!

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