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Deaf Bible  Experience Sign Language Bibles in an interactive and easy to use interface in various translations featuring skilled signers in sharp, close-up, color video.

Immerse yourself in a complete Bible experience; interacting in rich Bible content accessible in sign language. You can HAVE the Bible, KNOW the Bible and SHARE theBible with the Deaf like never before!

The Deaf Bible app is easy to navigate and to watch. Content is fully accessible to the Deaf with extensive use of videos to communicate in their native, heart language. New sign language translations are being added frequently, providing you with the widest selection of Sign Language Bibles.

Deaf Bible Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry dedicated to providing the Word of God in every sign language translation. Our mission is to provide God’s Word in Every Sign Language until all the Deaf have seen.

Deaf Bible user reviews :

When it worked, it was 5 stars! I love this app. But recently it doesn’t work for me at all. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled multiple times trying to fix it. But I choose a country, that works, then choose the ASL Version, then choose Judges the first video and it goes to the circling arrow but never loads

I just downloaded but it says “Select a country” and there is nothing else, only a reload button that doesn’t do anything when pressed. I pray it is fixed soon!

I loved this app, but now when I open it, it says “Select a Country” that you can’t even tap on… and a refresh button that takes you nowhere.

Won’t load. I installed the app to use on my phone. It never loads. I can access the information using my laptop. But it would be nice to have it on my phone for easy access.

I will update my rating after using it. One thing I notice is no way to sign in so as to be able to track progress, book mark, etc for learning the Bible. Honestly, the first thing I noticed (as a Sunday school teacher) is this does not have all 66 books of the Bible and some books are incomplete. Is there a way to have the entire Bible and make it searchable for regular reading of scripture?

I saw this app thought, wow great, and added it but when I tried to use it it offers a variety of languages by flag and offers an option of English, Spanish and French to choose. I am English and therefore use BSL but the ‘English ‘ app is in ASL. I don’t understand ASL. Could you make it clearer in the description of the app so people won’t add if they don’t know ASL.

I interpret at my congregation and want to be better. This app helps me sign passages of scripture more accurately. I like how it’s set up to find the books and passages in the books, too. I really appreciate all the work that went into it.

Deaf Bible is exceptional! It has a variety of languages available. The Deaf Bible app is very easy to use and is shareable. I have not experienced any problems while using. The developers did a great job. My only suggestion would be to add more languages.

This app is amazing! I am an Efucational Interpreter and also interpret at church. These videos are impressive. I watch them all the time. Many skilled interpreters in ASL. Thank you so much!

I love this concept. I would like to see the words that the person is signing. But, for now I will use this as a challenge to memorize more scripture while seeing how much ASL I have learned as well

Seemed dialing not pop. Had to removed and re install again to see

Endlessly buffers and rarely plays. If it worked, this app would be invaluable. If it worked.

I loved it when I was at home listening to the words of God, Man uses sign language to help people understand and follow Jesus Christ. That’s a good App

Great app. One update i would love to see is to either have english captions or asl “sign” caption so i could learn the signs

I am Deaf and having this deaf Bible app is a blessing to me, thank you and the inventor for such a privilege to use this wonderful invention,works great no trouble at all

This app have problem with ASL version video and ASL version video didn’t show in my LG phone and ASL CBT video works. Need to fix this app

This awesome app ever it stopped update long time I knew will coming up update as soon someone will make more videos please keep eyes next year.. head up people.

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