Debian noroot – Allows you to run user-land Debian applications

[App] Debian noroot

Debian noroot  This app will install Debian Buster with Xfce desktop environment.

You do not need to root your device.
You will need 1.2 Gb free on internal storage.
A mouse or stylus is highly recommended.

This app is NOT full Debian OS – it is a compatibility layer, based on PRoot, which allows you to run user-land Debian applications.
Your phone is not rooted during installation.
Running Wireshark or Aircrack-ng will fail, because they require root.
This is not an official release.

To install packages (web browser for example), open Terminal and run commands:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install chromium

You can check full list of packages in Synaptic package manager.

Packages that work:
synaptic gimp inkscape clementine chromium vlc mplayer audacity lmms

In VLC and Audacity, select PulseAudio as audio output.

To run Chromium, use command:

chromium –disable-dev-shm-usage –no-sandbox

Packages that fail to run:
firefox-esr libreoffice konqueror kodi kdenlive blender, and anything that uses OpenGL.

Sources are here:
Previous versions are here:

Debian noroot user reviews :

It is unusual for me to give full five stars. But this really exceeded all expectations, especially given that many apps out there to perform this same function require root or require extensive set up and modification. Most things work “out of the box.” Using the terminal to unzip files or co /mv files works perfectly well and this app links directly to my phones storage- all others required setting that up. Very impressed after using this for quite a while. EDIT: After some tweaking, it is running nearly perfect. Sometimes, it lags out a little bit but then, I am running it on MY PHONE so what are ya gonna do…

Very good emulator. It works and its actually a real machine and not a simulation. Apps work (most) , keyboard works , there is no lag at all for me. Recommended. I mostly use it to play some linux games.

I noticed that the Symantec file on the desktop won’t install. Also, the usage of the terms: ‘get’, ‘apt-get’, and other install control phrases are line use, and no one seems to know how to hook up new repositories. Most importantly, how about KDE or Gnome. Please change the software for the times!

Works. Chromium worked. Didn’t know how to right click or click. Good work overall.

The app is good but after upgrading the video is not playing in the VLC player.What is the reason for this?

Thanks for that vg app , it’s had little problem the url to download Debian didn’t work (sync)any more from surcefrog , if there’s anyone had same problems with that VG app.

I am using android 10 smartphone. Debian noroot is running smoothly. But chromium is not working properly, chromium can’t connect to internet I don’t know what is the problem. And locales problem also there.. please help me..

It’s still has a few glitches, however you can make use of the synaptic package manager to make things work, including a working web browser.

Used to work wonderfully on my old phone a year ago, but now it won’t start at all. It’s stuck on the “loading” screen, and I left it there for over two hours and it still wouldn’t load. Hoping the developers contact me. Otherwise, from memory it is an amazing app, really

Debian runs just fine, but “apt-get install” works for nothing. “Apt-get update” tries but just gives a bunch of errors. Looks like it used to work for some users, but I guess not anymore. Completely useless without any way to add apps. Dang, so close.

Chromium works just fine guys :) if you don’t know how to set it up then that sucks

all is good….but I am not able to run chromium or fire fox like any internet browser. I’m requesting the developer to fix this

This is the best app I have found in Android so far. I wanted to run Linux in my android without rooting my phone. This the the perfect app for that. The chromium browser is aligned with Google chrome browser in windows so that I can sync my bookmarks and everything. Thank you for this app.

Great compatible layer,I can easily run kicad and arduino ide (just c++ compiling).But after apt update and installed iceweasel (then reboot) .Firefox told me it cant find/access to the profile.ini (It cant event create .mozilla folder)Its happened with the generated user and root.I would like to open issue soon on your repo on github.

Would be a 5 star if the keyboard was less glitchy. Everything functions, but if you could navigate going from keyboard to window more smoothly it would be better. When I type there is no way for me to see what I’m typing and the screen becomes pixelated.

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