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[Game] Deity Arena Mobile

Deity Arena Mobile  Deity Arena 3D Fantasy Strategy RPG

Big farewell to the lonely journey!Deity Arena provides you with diversified social gameplay.The innovative PVP double lineup mode values the initiative in the beginning.Micro-operation may determine the victory or defeat in the battle.

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Massive Heroes
The game uses multiple scenes and plot texts to outline the Continent of Atlantis.It includes nearly 100 Eastern and Western myths and legends and created deities with different attributes.Each deity has a rich story background, exclusive skills and special effects.In addition, after reaching a specified level, you can also change jobs, change skins to increase your combat power, and unlock more buffs!

Real blow
3D modeling retains the exquisite painting and high image quality.Even the details are well pursued .You will experience exhilarating real blow feeling such as repelling and floating.With the gorgeous special effects of skills, you can enjoy the refreshing feeling of the blood showdown!

Combo skills
Different hero skill strategies and multiple hero lineups can cause different combo damage.When encountering a boss, you can click on the goddess portrait to trigger a full-screen big move.It can cause super high damage to reverse the situation and win the battle!

The innovative PVP double lineup mode values the initiative in the beginning.Micro-management may determine the victory or defeat in the battle. There are three cross-server gameplay in the game, who can win the top and become the pinnacle king?Big farewell to a single growth path,we now have diversified social gameplay such as Battleship Expedition, Peak King, and Guild Realm .Pet treasure hunter, cat travel, mid-night dinner and other leisure games will ensure you great fun!

Deity Arena Mobile user reviews :

So for the most part I think its an amazing mobile game. And they’re really generous for ftp players. It does have a problem with connection issues. So you’ll be doing something. Screen will freeze and be prompted with the loading signal. 4 star units have a pretty low rate. Especially in an event! But my biggest issue is with an arena game mode called ultimate showdown. Can never match against anyone. Please remove the game mode or change it. So its not live pvp.
  • Grand Vision
  • Hello,Thank you very much for your support and sorry for the bad game experience. Our team are trying to fix about the match.More game info and update pls follow our fanpage: you very much!

Loved the graphics and character designs. The interface however is HORRENDOUS, can’t get the free stuff when they pop up because everything is shifted to the left, some buttons you have to hit 10-12 times to get it. Some buttons you can not even find. Had to uninstall it from my phone. It’s a real shame I was liking the characters alot

On begging of the journey very enjoyable. Nice graphic, music, skill setting. Unfortunately problem starts after few days. To progressing you need top up otherwise you stuck in one dungeon for days. Even you lvl up after day or two still unable get enough power to pass it. Ultimate Showdown – very unbalanced opponents. Not recommending P2W.

Yesterday. The first day of this game it’s wonderful the graphics the story and everything thing else but now present day. Second day of this game in my phone I logged in and then boom the game can’t start it’s just blank even if you restart or power off your phone it won’t start and even if you ever got the chance to open the game. There’s a notification that’s saying _____go to log in / restart I hate this game.
  • Grand Vision
  • Hello,Thank you very much for your support and sorry for the bad game experience. Could you pls contact our team at our fanpage: So that we can get more detail and fixed it.Thank you very much!

went on previous servers to check it’s status, quite disappointed to witness that it’s just so dead, neglected and had no new events. the fast phase of creating new server just to milk new players for money makes me speechless…

I think it’s a pretty cool game it’s not that great as in graphics but it looks good n it’s really fun there r very generous rewards n its gameplay is different in a good way

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