Dentures and Demons – Weird things happen in Varedze

[Game] Dentures and Demons

Dentures and Demons  Warning:

This game contains sarcasm, black humor and other annoying things. Please ignore this game if you are easily offended!

The game has some bad language.
The game has 1 in app purchase, described below.


“Weird things happen in Varedze…”,
this is clear to everyone who has grown up around here.

Mountains, woods and lakes can mislead you, if you are an unwary stranger escaping from daily stress.

There’s something spooky in the air, far from the quiet suburb stereotype…

Dentures and Demons is a pixelated graphic adventure that mixes fun and thrill.

Enjoy the hilarious – and sometimes inappropriate – protagonists zingers.

Hold your breath and shed light on dark secrets, step by step, level after level.

Follow Detective Junior Peexelated investigating the case of a dangerous sect, in a crescendo of action and mystery.

Will you stop the wave of murders, or will you become a victim of this city?

Test your wits, your reflexes and your patience to solve puzzles and complete the story.

Game info:

Graphic adventure spiced up with puzzles and arcade moments
Several different scenarios
Hidden achievements
Scenes rich in characters, dialogue and interactions, enjoyable by the point-and-click fans
Story mode consisting in 6 chapters
Purchasable extra contents pack, which also removes ads

Extra contents:
A short director’s cut,
a point and click mini-game,
4 arcade mini-games.

Behind the scenes:

One day, a boring-ERP programmer decided to become more stupid than ever, so he created this video game.

In an increasingly politically correct world, was there room for his questionable irony?

In an increasingly high-definition world, was there room for his pixelated, hand-made drawings?

In an increasingly… Well, nobody is gonna read till this point.

D&D: the game you were waiting for.

Dentures and Demons user reviews :

This is the first time I write a review for a game but I just had too. I enjoyed this so much I played it straight for 5 hours I couldn’t stop. I’m super picky with games theres very few that I enjoy. I wanna thank the developer for a great job and I mean its so funny too. please make more games!

So I really enjoyed this game.. I wasn’t sure if I would. But storyline was great and making it some interactions without the main character’s knowledge is a great way of getting some attention instead of just walking back and forth sometimes you gotta think inside the box, sometimes outside the box, and sometimes you just gotta pick that sucker up and toss it cuz you don’t know what else to do… Funny funny game . Thanks for the entertainment. Must play for point and clickers!
  • Sui Arts
  • Thank you for your support Terri Stay tuned for Dentures and Demons 2! I’m sure you’ll love it

This game was amazing, unique story, strange and sometimes challenging puzzles, nice pixel art, funny puns and jokes, there’s just so much that I almost refuse to believe that one person made this game, you can tell how much effort was put into this game just by playing it, and I can’t wait for demons and dentures 2 I really suggest you support the developer if you like the game, it only costs a small amount of money

This is really an awesome game and a must try for everyone. The way the game interacts with us is really very appreciable and unique. But I couldn’t buy the game as it showed Purchase failed whenever I tap on the ‘Buy it’ button…pls look into it. Eitherwise the game is perfect.

Probably the best £1.29 I’ve spent on Google Play and I’ve only played and finished the easy mode so far so got quite a bit of fun to go and eagerly anticipating part 2! Highly amusing and fun little adventure with lots of variety in the gameplay and inventive 4th Wall breaking. Recommended to anyone that enjoys fun games that make you think outside the box and great retro pixelated artwork. Definitely a developer worth supporting especially since it seems it was mainly 1 person!

Mildly creepy but dark jokes bring laughters. Different entertaining mechanisms to play the game not just one. Graphic design is detailed even for pixel art. Story telling is well connected. A bonus for player interactivity, not just the character itself. Game is quick, short, but in-depth. Excellently executed. Well done.

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