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Derby Stallion Masters  The Derby Stallion series has sold over 9 million copies!

What is Derby Stallion: Masters?
Derby Stallion: Masters is the latest game of the Derby Stallion series. It is a horse racing simulation game aiming at breeding the strongest horses. Players will be horse owners who breed, train racing, and arrange them to attend competitions and win big titles and prices.

Players will experience the Japanese horse racing competitions and meet well-known horses from previous Derby Stallion games. Also, the game continues to provide the immersive game experience of previous series. The new game was designed for smartphones with a new UI, making it easier to play. Players now can easily enjoy the game with much faster loading times!

Game Features
EXPERIENCE THE REAL MANAGEMENT OF STUD-FARM – Forge your legacies in stud-farm to enhance its capabilities but it causes an increase of fixed expenditure. To balance the books, you need to arrange your horses to attend suitable matches depend on ability tendency to maximize profit of your stud-farm.

JOURNEY TO THE RICH STORYLINE ABOUT DREAMS – Follow the storyline, you will meet dozens of lovely friends. Finishing the branches of tasks, achievements to make the childhood dream come true. Start your journey to a fascinating story and have fun!

RACE WITH RIVALS AROUND THE WORLD – Register your best self-bred racing horse on Breeder Cup. Find and compete with worldwide rivals under the same racing environment. Winners will collect glorious achievements for your own stud-farm!

PLAY FRIENDLY COMPETITIONS WITH YOUR FRIENDS – Race with your real-life friends in Derby Stallion: Masters by holding a friendly competition for your friends on Breeder Cup. Winning a friendly competition won’t bring you any rewards or achievements, so please just have fun with your friends!

More changes from the original series

This Game is friendly to beginner
Scripts and tutorials designed by Kozakiyusu will help beginners to go through horse breeding and attend races. Moreover, NPCs will give detailed instructions on facilities in the stud-farm. It is very accessible for beginners!

Easy to use on smartphones
Add the skip function to the match makes it the fastest-paced game of the Derby Stallion series. The UI has been optimized for mobile devices, making it easier to breed and train horses.

Almost a free game
Besides, the game has in-app purchase, players can freely play most of the game content. In addition, player could dominate the races without purchasing any extra resources.

Recommend the new game for such players
Fans of Derby Stallion games
AFK players of Derby Stallion series
Those who know the series but haven’t tried

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Derby Stallion Masters user reviews :

I’m in love with this game! finally a game that has no energy that has to refill, easy to understand, and no real need for in app purchases (its an option but not necessary) I do wish the horses looked better, the winner circle horses look more like horses. but its going off an anime kind of theme so makes sense. over all great game but horses look kinda odd

Not easy to get into in the beginning, but so worth it!! Gameplay gets even deeper the more you advance, there is a lot to figure out and discover

Best game ever, very different from the usually racing games. I love how you don’t use energy but instead move by mouths/weeks. The biggest drawback is how much space it takes, for example I will leave 2.16gd space for it to download, but it needs 859mb to install. The thing is you need Google play which takes more space and with that the games needs 104mb to download resources, it murders my storage. I really love this game, but I would love it to take less space and leave out googleplay
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Three star for now, coz of lots of loading time, each time you want to check your horse or go to facilities or even go to raffle, the app need to load something, with lead to “Failed to connect to the Server. Contact NO.1(-1)”. Which each loading cause you around 3 minute wasted time. Really time wasting for a suppose to be fun game.

fun game allot to do like breed ya own horses and retire old horses can still be used to make ponys. 5 stars for quality and quantity

Seems to be a good game, time will tell
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  • Hey friend, thanks for your supporting. We will keep it up!
This game is awesome and fantastic.l recommend it to you all.l have even fall in love with the game and interested in it.
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  • Hey friend, thanks for your supporting. We will keep it up!

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