Devil Amongst Us – Find the impostor among your friends

[Game] Devil Amongst Us – Hide and seek in mystery mansion

Devil Amongst Us  Devil Amongst Us is a real-time hide and seek online multiplayer game played with 4-12 players in a haunted mansion or Prison (New Update!).

Create your own Silly Avatar and get selected to play as a “Silly” or a “Devil” in the mystery mansion. And it gets even better – we have voice chat!

Game Modes Choose between playing our 3 Modes
Murder Mystery is a social deduction game – don’t forget all your friends are now suspects!
Hide and seek – find the impostor among your friends!
Jailbreak or Cops and Robbers which is coming soon

We also allow you to customize your Game Settings for a Private Match
Discover the imposter among all your suspects! Finish the mission and beat the devil in this mystery mansion. For all the murder mystery games lovers.

Voice Chat
Hide and Seek supports an always-on Voice Chat. Tell your friends when the devil is nearby.
Murder Mystery supports 3 Voice Chat Modes
1. Default Meetings Only
2. Murder Mystery Mode
3. Always On

Story-line Evil spirits have been residing in a huge Mansion for many years. The only way to set the mansion free from these spirits is by completing all the mini-tasks inside the mansion and solving the murder mystery. But beware of the imposter who will sabotage your task. Hide-and-seek murder mystery game for all murder mystery games lovers!

GamePlay All the players enter the haunted mansion and a few get possessed by the Devil to play the role of an imposter in the game. Every player will have a task to complete in the mystery mansion. Everyone is a suspect now!

Vote There is a voting round after every dead body is reported or when an emergency call is made. Vote to evict the Devil, but be careful not to evict an Innocent Silly since you will be helping the Devils win the game.

Devils Goal Devils win the game by eliminating the rest of the Silly’s by playing hide-and-seek.
Silly Goal Complete all the mini-tasks inside the mansion or Find and Vote out Devils Among Us in the Murder Mystery Mode.
Identify Suspects See who is on Sus behavior and see who is a genuine player.
Vote out Imposter Impostor should be voted out of the game before time runs out. Be mindful to not vote out a Silly.

Silly Universe Customize your Silly with many different skins and hat combinations. Hide-and-seek mystery game with voice chat! Discover who is the imposter and become the hero.

Coming Soon
Cops N Robbers – Jail Break
In our Cops and Robbers Mode, we have eight prisoners and two cops.
Prisoners do tasks to try and escape the Prison while Cops seek them and keep them locked up again. Will the Cops succeed or will the prisoners escape the Jail. Play to Find Out in our new hide-and-seek mode coming soon.

Let’s Play the murder mystery Devils Among Us! with our classic Social Deduction Game where you identify Suspects, Eliminate Imposter, or our all-new Hide and Seek mode where you chase and seek other players. Use the voice chat option for the most fun! If you like murder mystery games you should try Devils Among Us.

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Please share your feedback for our hide and seek game with our team via email or via our social channels!
Reach out to the dev team with your suggestions and requests at help[at]

Thank you for your overwhelming response to our murder mystery games.

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Devil Amongst Us user reviews :

The game is just awesome and a best alternative of among us… Excuse me, This game is better than among us!! the concept is outstanding!! The only problem I noticed is the smoothness. Developers should increase the smoothness of game, but ignoring that, the game is just…….. AMAZING!!

The joystick moves by itself when I wanna move left it keeps moving until I move the joystick. And also add touch instead of only joystick . Touch is more easier than joystick.Then I play with my friends and they join the next game the lobby changes . Plz stop doing this And why can devil kill far distance ? Make an another update plz

Good but not like among us in graphics among us graphics is better than this game and player colour also but concept is really impressive when someone get voted most than one player pull the chain and he fall and player reaction also when we hide&seek when devil scare silly and silly name is also a unique idea I like the game and I am waiting for robber and police mode from 5 months I think game will release the mode in August

I luvv the game but it has so many bots in the lobbies..example- DjankyMonky,SamuraiSam and many more…I also hate the system where the host can’t staet the game..and it also copied among us..which is kind of the “bad thing” about this game too

This game is not very good . This game hanging day after day and im giving this game 3 stars because their is lot of fun there are only 3 modes 1st is hide n seek and the second is amongst us i like both of them and the third one is locked

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