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[App] Diary Book – Journal With Lock, Photos, Themes

Diary Book  Diary Book – With Lock is a passcode protected, simple yet feature rich, free journal app.

With multiple themes, rich text options and different font styles, customize your diary with your own taste. Keep your memories safe in the journal with Google Drive and local backup options.

With over 100,000+ downloads, Diary Book is one of the most loved diary apps on Play Store.

Top Features

In Built App Lock – Fingerprint, Pattern, Pin and Password:
Safeguard your diary with the inbuild lock settings. Set the lock by goint to the Settings > App Lock and choose the type of lock. You can enable/disable the fingerprint option too.

Rich Text Options:
Customise your text with numerous options including bold, italic, strike, highlight, font color, font size, font style etc. You can also undo and redo in the text editor.

Cloud Sync With Google Drive:
Always keep your memories safe with Google Drive backup. You can also backup and restore from the local storage in your device.

Option To Attach Photos To diary:
Multiple photos can be attached to the diary entry from gallery and camera. You can reorder the list of images.

Colorful Themes:
With over 15 themes with different colors, make the app adapt to your favorite color of choice.

Night Mode:
Relax your eyes by keeping the app in night mode. Auto night mode option is also present.

Calendar View:
Take a glance at your history of journal writing with the calendar view with easy navigation.

Attach Multiple Tags:
Add multiple tags to each entries to categorize and group them.

Add Moods To The Journal Entry:
Record your emotion by adding a mood to the journal choosing from over 25 moods from the list.

Export As PDF/text:
If you want to share the content with others or for your own purpose, you can generate the PDF/text files for an entry or all entries together.

Safety Features:
When the app is minimised, the content of the can’t be seen in the recent apps list. Enable this by going to Settings and enabling “Hide app screen”.

Other useful features:
Speak to write the diary
Simple search with highlighting
Daily reminder for writing diary
Auto lock when the app is minimized
24 hour and AM-PM format
Star/unstar entries
Sort entries: Oldest/newest first
Show/hide lines in the text area

Diary Book is carefully crafted to simplify the process of writing journal.

Your feedback is important to us. Write us on feedback[at]diarybook.me

Keep In Touch:
Website: lucidifylabs.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lucidify.labs/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/LucidifyLabs

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Diary Book user reviews :

Perfect. Just what I needed. It is simple to use. Can compact and when you need to read more of a spesific topic it opens up. I started to apply some notes and afterwards added photo’s. IT WORKS PERFECT. I would like to have the same app for another section of my items to save. Could please assist. I have switched phones and lost ALL! my photos. Please tell me how to get it back at each inscription.
  • Lucidify Labs
  • Thank you for the kind review Hannie
Yes yes yes. I am using this for very important documentation. I got a new phone and I easily transfered over all my notes. Omg thank you so much!!
  • Lucidify Labs
  • Thanks for your review! Please recommend our app to your friends, and don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at feedback[at]lucidify.in if you have any questions.
This diary app won’t do cloud backup anymore!
  • Lucidify Labs
  • Hi Sylva, Kindly update to the latest version of the app. you can write us onfeedback[at]diarybook.me, still you are facing this issue. Thank you.
No complaints with this ….. This diare is the best . I’ve tried more than 14 diary app , and I found this which have everything which I want .. easy to use and contain everything , which we generally want and even there are no ” ADS ” . So nice app .And if there could be something like search it could.be better I think.
  • Lucidify Labs
  • Hi Hetansh, thank you for taking your time to write a kind review. It’s our pleasure to hear such good feedback from you. We will keep working on it! Have a nice day

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