Dirt Track Gladiators – Can you survive the inevitable onslaught

[Game] Dirt Track Gladiators

Dirt Track Gladiators  Full contact dirt oval racing based on the Superstocks class in New Zealand.

Race high powered 1500 kg purpose built steel chassis cars around tight dirt ovals where contact is not only acceptable but expected. Can you survive the inevitable onslaught you’ll receive while going for a Championship win? Or will you join the blockers and try and take out the leaders yourself!

Over 30+ cars to unlock
6 NZ Speedway tracks
Quick Races
Special Events including figure 8 racing and runoffs
Custom Car Setup
The most sophisticated AI in an NZ Superstock game ever!

Do you have what it takes to become the NZ Champion?

Dirt Track Gladiators user reviews :

With numerous flaws and very hard to control even when set to easy and saying “sorry this content is only available with full-game unlock purchase” even when I have enough credits, not quite sure what you developers are trying to pull here but if I ever do find the paid full version I’ll consider if only this game is improved or at least being easier to steer won’t hurt also, more courses, cars & drivers from across the globe and having the option to paint your car won’t hurt either…

Good game apart from, steering and throttle response is horrible, when you hit the other cars flat out they dont move anywhere, when you are leading the other cars anchor up or turn into you. The damage you get is realistic, it would be better if at some point you get a puncture or a wheel comes off, when you roll it would be better if the aerofoil falls off or folds over like they do in real life. I think you should add british drivers too and do team championships… also, painting your own car

Could do with teams colours as a option for some cars or team’s races. Great game other than that well enjoyable game with a good challenge. Could also come up with a little bit of car tuning or upgrades and the option to race your own super (build your own car). Would like to see places like waikaraka also added. Please also look at trying to add more cars and tracks as once you unlock everything you can’t do much would be great to see more content

top notch Motorsport game ! Great graphics,audio, & controls. Takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of it. Dirt trackin’ is kinda like drifting and racing at the same time. The game is based off New Zealand dirt racing,but here in the state where i live, dirt racing is pretty popular. The cars in this region (N. East coast of U.S.) are called DIRT modifieds. This makes my top 10 auto racing games list. Great job ! 4.7 would be my rating.

Game has plenty of potential, have followed the game build on Facebook, pretty stoked to finally have it. There are a few things that could be incorporated into the game (I’m no app developer myself, so not sure how hard it could be) a steering wheel instead of left and right, which will allow the user to turn at much shallower angles instead of full lock. Much the same with the accelerator and brake, maybe a slider up and down for each to have less or more like a real pedal. It feels much the same as the Stockcar heat game on the pc but much harder to dish out hotdogs. I’m going to continue following where this game goes and hopefully we see some more additions, a mirror instead of rearview camera while in cockpit view, some sort of handling and tuning setup system with the ability to save and use different setups for different tracks, steering and pedal improvements

Game is awesome I can drive it like it should be driven about time there is a game for NZ superstocks of some game form which is actually not to bad if you set the car up properly to certain tracks you have no problem to many people complaining about handling I’ve set mine perfect can put the car where want it on the track driving different lines as the races goes on and as the races progress and at the same time hit cars in the right spot to spin them or put them up the wall I love it and know many people that do as well. Can you add teams racing and some more drivers Tony maclanhan (5w silver bullet I know the car is on here already but would be good as the original livery), Scotty miers,Kim lace,Rodney wood,Shane Penn,Bryce penn,Dale Robertson,Graham Gaskin,Paul & Richard Gaskin to many to list also more South Island drivers and south Island tracks. You have to somehow gets this developed on PlayStation 4 or Xbox and with all classes of racing very much potential in this game

Awesome game, by fare the best speedway game out. Just gets better and better the more you play. Physics are great, love how the body has roll. Also think it’s good how everything is not just givin to you from the get go you have to win to gain things. Has Huntly drivers too!!!!!

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