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Disc Golf Valley  Disc Golf Valley is home to a spectacular collection of disc golf courses.

Explore them, unlock discs and compete with thousands of other players online!

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Great way to blast through hours of “free time” and not even realize it. For a game to match the psychics of disc golf so well while simultaneously creating interesting and life-like environments makes for a good time. My one suggestion, that will probably have me hooked on the app for several more hours a day would be to have multiple open tournaments daily. The single tournament is great, but it makes me crave more once I’ve completed the pro tour and open for the day. Keep up the great work!!

The most frustrating thing about this game is how the disc reacts. One time it’ll stick next time it’ll slide 300 ft off of a cliff. Even though it’s supposed to be a sticky disc. Another thing about this game that sucks is it takes forever to get a driver. A lot of the times of the disc flight is funky and not true. I guess it’s a good game to pass the time.

Do not waste months like I did on Disc Golf Rivals. Disc Golf Valley blows it away.. More realistic, better graphics and game play, excellent courses, and no stupid bots (so far.) I’m still learning it but it is very fun and challenging. There’s a bit of a learning curve. Wind, hills, water, canyons…it’s great. Hope they don’t FIU like Disc Golf Rivals did with their updates.

THANK YOU FOR MAKING A FREE GAME WITH NO ADS I hate playing online against people and I hate when the game centers around that. This game not only has online play though, but a large part of it is completely single player and against AI’s. The controls are smooth, takes some knowledge of disc golfing to understand, and is just overall so pleasing to look at. Thank you guys for making a single player golf game. I’ve been playing for months now

Disc Golf Valley is my favorite app! Gameplay feels very fluid and natural. New courses are added periodically. Online multiplayer challenges function without fail. I think playing this app has made me a better player. Is that possible? If you’re looking for a disc golf app to try, can’t miss with this one.

Awesome game. There are in-app purchases for some specially stamped discs, but the same discs (stat-wise) can be acquired by playing the game. All of the best discs can be unlocked through playing in tournaments (AI or against real players) and using the game currency.

Very unrealistic controls. All this will do is make the avid disc golf player mad. The game makes no sense. Nothing like the real sport. Just some college punk trying to make a dollar off of a sport which requires close to no money. Well done you price gauging shrimp.

Pretty fun. Looking forward to more courses and textures within the courses. It’s about time that was a good disc golf mobile game. Loving it so far

Love the game. Hate that physics change for every course, and disc. Wow, I wish I had a disc that went the opposite of what you threw it.

A little buggy at times but overall a very fun game. I wish I could throw my Trilogy challenge Musket irl as well as I can the musket in this game.

Less owls, more distance drivers. A camera mode that works like the putting camera for backhand and forehand throws would be nice too.

Brilliant little game. Peaceful and mechanically sound. I really wish there was a save replay feature tho

This is such a fun game! More and more challenging courses requiring a wider arrange of discs. The game has a very realistic feel to it…the satisfying clang of the chains and the frustration of a wrong choice of disc or throw resulting in a disc going ob or ending up in a worse place than where you started. Love it!

Great game. Feels the most realistic of any disc golf game I’ve played. So awesome design. But I have one major issue with the app. I often will switch to another window on my phone and when I come back the game restarts. I’ve lost a lot of great rounds this way and its always super frustrating.

Really great game. Has helped further my understanding of disc flight/release angles which I have been able to use in real life! Love the daily open and pro tour giving a reason to play everyday. New courses being added consistently has made this my go to video game.

Very fun game. A few things need updating and improving. My main gripe is with the power gauge. Like how much power equals how much distance. I know there are lots of variables involved that ultimately decide how far a disc can go but a rough guide on the power gauge would eliminate some of the uncertainties and allow players to make more consistent shots.

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