Dobre Dunk – Flip and flop your way to the hoop

[Game] Dobre Dunk


Dunk your favorite Dobre Brother – Cyrus, Darius, Lucas, Marcus – as many times as you can! Flip and flop your way to the hoop and see who makes the most dunks with a Dobre.

NEW DOBRE PUPPIES! They fetch diamonds while you dunk!

MOST DUNKS WINS – Tap left and right to flip and flop your Dobre for the most dunks!
GAME CHANGERS – Outrageous obstacles in your way, like HEAVY WIND, ANTI-GRAVITY, a RANDOM BOXING GLOVE, and more.
DOBRE TOUR 🇺🇸 – Make it to the Finals across the U.S.! Each city offers a different Game-Changer combo.
UNLOCK OUTFITS – Collect Bikini Cyrus, Tux Darius, Lit Lucas, Insane Marcus and more!

Play Dobre Dunk NOW and see how well you dunk a Dobre Brother.


Dobre Dunk user reviews :

I just started playing this game and I love it. It’s so relaxing and then there are challenges,everyone loves a good challenge……..At first I thought you were gonna shoot a Ball or something like that, but it’s actually the characters which makes the game even more,I love it. And the best part about it, it can be played offline.

It needs more. It was so hard to get my guy to move around. Plus I thought there was other games instead of basket ball. I couldnt get to it. Wasnt very pleased. But.. Im not much of a gamer so my opionion dont matter. Very disappointed and I love the Dobre Brothers. Good try tho!
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  • Hello! We really appreciate your honesty about our game. We’re sorry you don’t like it and would like the opportunity to improve it. Email us at support[at] and let us know how we can make it good for you

This game is so fun i can’t stop playing it and also 1 time clown duirus landed on me insane cyrus at the end of the round and clown dirius made out with insane dirius. Lol haha!. First game i ever rated 5 stars. So fun! And thier youtube channel is so funny and cool! I totaly recomend you guys playing this game to go see thier channe. The music added to it is pretty cool.

This game is very funny and challenging. I love the gameplay even the graphics also and from this I only like the word ‘lit’.I have completed the game it’s showing new country coming soon. I would like to say that if you please add a multiplayer option here it will be good then we can play with friends. Then we can challenge anyone that hey come and play dobre dunk with me. And even I like your YouTube channels “Dobre Brothers”, “Dobre Cars” and “Lucas and Marcus”. That’s all! Thank you

This app is amazing I’ve never playing so amezing game I gave this a 5 Starr because its fun and you can choose a player like Lucas, Marcus,Cyrus,Daruis and the dogs that’s really amezing I loveeeeee it and its also a freeee app that’s more amezing Love you guys you’re amezing

To be honest l think you should download this game. It’s not bad at all. But there is some stuff that cost real money to get. But overall good game

I just downloaded this game and its super fun already and ive played less than 27 seconds. Download dorbe dunk now for free and subscribe to the dorbe brothers on youtube.

I love this game the only bad thing is that it lags too much if this gets fixed then I would give it the five stars

It a little glitchy at the start but other beside that it been fun and it got me from being bored to unbored. It also fun and exciting when you can play at different states.

This game is fun but far to many adds and it is fll of bots and it is to easy after a while but its creative and diffrent so five stars for that.

This game is so good I don’t know why people don’t like it and the ads aren’t that long so stop complaining about it because that is a big cap this game don’t play at all so whoever said that this game isn’t good get your facts straight

Among us is a very nice game really you get to talk and play with people around the world there is one minor problem you always get disconnected from the server

This app is amazing! You get to chose what brother to play with and it is so much fun.

I love this game it is good and there is no ads and download it it is very good 5 STAR AMAZING

This is one the best game I have played . I have enjoyed a lot…… It’s very funny game where you have to just pass through a basketball net . I loved the Dobre brothers youtube channel as well as Lucas and Marcus . If someone has not heard about them … Then please follow, subscribe their channel.

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