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[App] DoDay – To Do List & Task Manager

DoDay  Stop procrastinating and be productive with DoDay!

DoDay is a To Do List app to help you organize and manage tasks. Make DoDay your morning routine so you can accomplish more every day. List your chores, homework, paying bills, appointments, work related tasks, and everything you need to complete every day. Add due dates (or deadlines) and notes to each task to help you set priorities. DoDay is an intuitive and daily planner for you, whether you are a freelancer, a professional, a businessman, a student, or a mom. We will help you to stop procrastinating and achieve your goals.

Sort out your priorities by assigning tasks to specific days.
Color-code tasks to help you sort priorities and types of tasks.
Sort your things to do by swiping them left or right.
Create habits for recurring tasks.
Monitor your accomplishments from the Done Today section.
Multiple languages available.

How to use DoDay – To Do List, Manage Task & Daily Planner:

Add a task anytime using the Add New Task Button.
Add more info such as deadlines or additional notes.
Add a color code to categorize your task.
Open DoDay as part of your morning routine and move things todo for that day to Tasks for Today.
Swipe a task to the left to move it to your Tasks for Today.
Swipe a task to the right to mark it as done.
Mark completed tasks as Done and let us help you track your progress and accomplishment.

It’s not easy to stop procrastinating and build a better, more productive daily habit. Start with DoDay and make us an integral part of your morning routine. Through this simple app, we are confident that you can accomplish more every day and complete all projects in time for their deadlines.

DoDay user reviews :

As someone who functions in a extremely visual way, I truly love the UI. Though it’s not without it’s blemishes. It does feel incomplete.. A few suggestions: • Drag-n-drop tasks for “custom order”. Not having this option to essentially move tasks into Morning, Afternoon and Evening sort of categories is a real bummer. • A satisfying sound dings upon completing a task, this would be a HUGE difference maker. • a Weekly & Monthly calendar view, w/tasks on bottom. • Folders Projects & Subtasks
  • Refinca UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
  • Thank you for the professional review – we always love to receive specific suggestions for improvement. The next update will come with the option to filter tasks by color. You can use this feature equivalently to folders. As for your other suggestions: We always try to implement suggestions by our community so stay tuned

Love it, a great way to stay motivated and accountable. It would be even better if it prompted you too share your project each day on social media or other users, so there’d be even more accountability.

Hello there!, This app is awesome, It can really Make us Go through The day Productively,. The only thing I want in this App,. That Please Add Calendar, and Let us show our Tasks On Calendar As well, And Please add Some More colours,. For Making Doday More Attractive,. And when we look at Our Colorful Tasks., it can give us More Productivity, So Please add some More Colors, and If there will be option of Pastel Colors, then I will surely Change My rating To 4 stars to 5,. Thank You!!
  • Refinca UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
  • Hi, glad to here that DoDay helps you :) As it happens, we are actually thinking about adding themes so maybe you will be able to see this feature rather sooner than later. Best regards, the Refinca team
The app is really beautiful and the experience is really lovely! Here are a few suggestions for stuff to add: -custom colours -due time as well -“assign for today” and “make a habit” could have the text centered -a wider task box for showing a longer note when needed ..and finally, I really love the neomorphism in the application, but the icon itself doesn’t really represent it. Maybe this could use some overhauling? It’s a tiny detail though.
  • Refinca UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
  • Hi, thank you for your review and especially your suggestions for improvement. We have been taking notes and you can be sure to see at least some of these features in the upcoming updates. Best regards, the Refinca team
This app is really great, I installed it last night but now I’m using it every single moment. There is just one thing I have problem with; what every color means? When I sort my list by category the app separate them based on colors but I don’t know what each color means? Thanks.
  • Refinca UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
  • Hi, glad you like it! Colors are a simple and quick way to sort your tasks into categories (replacing the need to define and maintain labels). I personally use green for business-related tasks and purple for house-work; just to give you an example. Best regards

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