Doodle Alchemy Animals – Put yourself in the role of a great geneticist

[Game] Doodle Alchemy Animals

Doodle Alchemy Animals  Doodle Alchemy Animals is the continuation of the popular game Doodle Alchemy.

The game provides you with a fascinating way to understand the world of animals. Put yourself in the role of a great geneticist! Create both known and new species by combining elements together!

Doodle Alchemy Animals is a game with beautiful graphics and effects. The original music and sound effects create an unforgettable atmosphere!
May you have many successful discoveries in the game!


Intuitive one-click gameplay.
Beautiful design and effects.
Original music and sound effects.
Choice of language. Play the game and learn new words.
Large number of elements.

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Doodle Alchemy Animals user reviews :

Overall awesome.But I do have a complaint that there ARE TOO MANY ADS. But I switch off the mobile data so hurray.I like it very much.I even have maintained a diary in which I write all the combinations I make.I even downloaded the doodle alchemy animals app. It is also very nice and I am also going to comment in it.The design is a little boring but it is a classic game.Not boring at all.I have read some comments in which they say its hard but I say they are not intelligent enough for this game.

Enjoyable.Fair amount of challenge vs. entertainment to keep the game interesting. Personally, I prefer more 3D-ish/cartoon-ish that pop out at you, colorful, bold, and fun… This game’s graphics feel a little dated, but again, that’s a personal preference and not a reflection of the developers nor development of the game. It’s free to play and ads is what makes that possible.. it’s free to play…nothing is 100 perfect human made and you can tell hard work was put into development. Kudos Team.

cool game. I just don’t understand why is it that something I put together didn’t work but later on when I use the hints it will match something up that i had already tried but didn’t work. Is there only so many tries that you get then nothing matches until a certain amount of time passes? if it is you should put some sort of quage up to let you know that you get no more tries. it just gets really aggravating and wants me to just delete the game when it picks something that you already tried

I like this game bc you can create awsome animals the game is just easy For me and yeah that’s it

It’s actually a decent game, the game itself isn’t difficult, but every new creations result in getting blasted with 5 seconds full-screen ad countdown, completely pull you out of the game. This type of game promotes deep thought and concentration, but this one is overblown with ads you can’t really do either. Kinda bummed. I’ll easily give 5 stars if the ads only appear if we need more hints only, but 5 sec ad every new creation? Hell no. I just give 4 stars right now only for the difficulties.

Love the art style, layout and game play. But some of the combos don’t make sense and a lot of the made up animals are very hard to find. have to use liads of hints or spend a very tedious amount of time trying to go through each and every possible combo for each animal.

i really love this game this is actually my second time playng it, the game is a little bit challenging at first but after that its pretty easy and really fun i spend hours trying to figure out the combinations i really think you should buy it its a free game and its really fun and a little confusing but you never know what your going to get and thats what holds most of the appeal i hope this helped

It’s alright up to a certain point. Somewhere between 50 to 100 combinations it becomes near impossible to figure out any more combos without either using hints or looking it up. With the first doodle alchemy you at least have your background knowledge of elements and science to help you, with this it’s a lot more random. Again, it’s fine at first, but once you have a lot of elements to work with it becomes guess-work. Overall, it’s a nice idea but it just doesn’t work out.

its a little weird having elements to choose from in the beginning, almost like my brain doesnt know where to start. id rather have the basics and work my way up, honestly. cant wait to see if theres mythical creatures mixed in or not!

I rate it 5 stars because it is a very fun game and you get to make and create animals and when you combine the two animals you don’t know what animal of a category is going to come out so I recommend that you should play this game and if you love potions,animals you will enjoy it so please say it is helpful and rate it

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