Doodle Alchemy – Journey into the world of knowledge awaits

[Game] Doodle Alchemy

Doodle Alchemy  Doodle Alchemy is a game with amazing graphics and effects. Off-beat music and sounds create an unforgettable atmosphere!

At the start, you have only 4 elements: air, water, earth, and fire. Combine these elements and create new ones. A fascinating journey into the world of knowledge awaits!
Enjoy your discoveries!


One-click intuitive gaming
Amazing design and effects
Off-beat music and sound effects
Language choice. Play and learn new words!
Large number of elements

Doodle Alchemy user reviews :

I love this game because it is really satisfing, get this game whoever is reading this right now. and don’t buy anything in the game, all so the graphics are really nice in the game, and the sonds are asmr nice.

There is some ads when I open the game, But it is a great game!

Cool, but you need to mark final elements for you to know that this element is final.

This is a good game. I had an idea of you folks making a dinosaur version of doodle creatures. Do you think my idea could work ?

Why you guys putting so much ads? Distracting for us players to continue .

This is really good but it takes a while to beat so four star

Lots of ads after making some thing new but still good

It combines the vibe of doodling into a single game. This is a wizard wannabes favorite game.

this game has almost no game bugs,keep up the good work.

Great game. I play it on the go. Keeps me entertained. Overall. Good job

its a pretty good game i let my kid play this game and he LOVES this game def a 5 star

Launched the game, got an ad. Due to the aspect ratio on my phone i couldn’t close the ad.

that’s a very good one,but because all players way is the same and they have no choice to make difference, I give it 4 stars

Its a pretty fun game for real if youre bored and want to learn what different things combined turn into and its somewhat educational in a sense ya feel me

Good game I like it but too small on phone so I can really see

Great game i just want to be able to see the elements you made and how you made them

The ads are ridiculous! You make 3 successful matches and are forced to watch minimum of 5 seconds of an ad, and that’s if your lucky to get one that has a large enough close button, otherwise you’ll be redirected to the play store to download whatever the ad was about if you miss the outrageously small close or skip button.

The game was pretty fun at first, but then ads started to come and I stopped having fun. The ads were too much and prevented you from doing almost anything. Almost everytime I get a combination right, I get an ad. It’s very annoying

This game is absolutely amazing! I could play it for hours. Beautiful graphics and sounds. Lots of details and it runs very smoothly. It’s actually challenging (unlike other games where you just mix random stuff together and it make something unrelated). And there was not a single add. 10\10! I recommend if you’re looking for a alchemy game install this one!

It could use a lot of improvement. You have no way to see what has created the elements. How can you learn anything or use anything you have learned. The hints suck. They solve…not hint. A hint does not equal the answer. It has good graphics, but makes me mad that I cant see or know how I reached an answer. A game of this nature is suppose to encourage discovery. If you cant reason over discoveries made (ie see how you got there) how can you reason anything.

I was enjoying this, but got really stuck and had to look up a cheat. I didn’t seem to be getting results with the most obvious combinations. Turns out that Energy + Fire doesn’t work for me, neither does Energy + Storm. I don’t know how many more don’t work because I don’t want to spoil the game for myself by reading through the entire cheat list. I’m playing on a Samsung A40. Hope you can fix this and let me know? Many thanks. Edit: 1 year later and no response from devs?

I think the game is really fun and to some extent even addictive! But, some of the combinations just don’t make sense. Just I would like if the creators made more accurate combinations to real life, man made or even traditional objects. For example, to make Germany you need to combine country and a volksvagen beetle, but I think it should be country and schnitzel or even country and cuckoo clock.

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