Doomsday of Dead – Humans must fight for survival

[Game] Doomsday of Dead

Doomsday of Dead  Build up alliance, Survive doomsday

Doomsday is approaching, humans must fight for survival. Build up your alliance to scramble the remaining resource together, defend your homeland and be the living one.

Upgrade weapons, Kill zombies

The number of zombies is increasing, and the variants are getting stronger. The existing technology will soon no longer be able to compete with zombies. Only by constantly upgrading your weapons and mounts can you suppress zombies and become the true master of the world

Raid the boss, Get rich loots
Brand-new zombie dungeons. Slay the boss to get lethal weapons

Crushing your rivals to survive
Crushing your rivals to scramble the remaining resource, safeguard your shelter and be the living one.

Relax by slaying zombies
A large wave of zombies is coming, pick up your weapon to raid them and get the thrill of elimination

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Doomsday of Dead user reviews :

Completely unplayable and unbalanced. One player is impossible to beat without spending thousands of dollars. New servers made every day even though the original servers are full of bots. The bots log on and get 100 “activity” so you can’t remove them from your faction. The game asks for money every few minutes and some prices are incorrect and deceptive. Most of the “free” rewards don’t even make it to your inventory. Game is a waste of time.
  • 4399en game
  • “Hi thank you for your comments and plz keep supporting us. There would be many interesting gameplays in Doomsday of Dead. Have a try! It wont let you down. Suggest to pay more attention on our FB page: Have a nice day! “
Disappointed. Pre-reg and waited and nah. The game has so much potential. The graphical style. Gun effects, etc. However the dev made a terrible choice and made it total autoplay nonsense. The game takes no skill and the player is only there to eventually get overrun and spend money on better weapons. Since the game requires no skill or strategy all you so is move around and buy stuff. Wish this was not what it is, could have been so much more.
  • 4399en game
  • “Hi the auto-fighting mode could free players’ hands and relax thoroughly, isn’t it? Besides, you also could control the character by manual! There still be many interesting gameplays in it. Please try more times. If you have any good idea, please contact us via FB: “
After playing for almost 2 days, I can’t login anymore. I’ve been grinding to get the free svip9 but unfortunately I can’t make it to stage 80 anymore because I can’t login. Maybe the devs didn’t expect a f2p player to reach vip15 without top up. Also yesterday, I was removed from my faction without knowing the reason. Because of my disappointment I’m planning to uninstall the game. To whoever reading this review, spending money to a broken game is just not worth it.
  • 4399en game
  • Hi, can you send the login page to us? We will check the login problem for you. Kindly suggest you to contact us via fbibox, we will help you ASAP.FB link:
Its alright. Getting really tired of it crashing every 5 minutes, not exaggerating. You level up insanely fast. Almost cant keep up with it. Fix the crashing problem little better graphics and ill up the stars. I know its new, but that crashing will be the downfall. Fix it please
  • 4399en game
  • Hi thank you for your feedback. We suggest to wipe cache, switch network between 4g and Wi-Fi or connect a VPN, or restart the game or your phone, it would be better. If they are all not working, plz contact our FB GM inbox:
Every time I want to check my review I have to rewrite it or find it through a list ordered with posted time. Anyway, geted is not a word, got is past tense for get. I don’t have to post a screenshot, every instance of the word “geted” should be changed into “got”. End of story, that is if you have some semblance of logic.
  • 4399en game
  • So sorry about that, can you send us relevant screenshots of that? We will fix it asap, many thanks in advance!FB LINK :
Seems like a good game but I am not a fan of these one click autoplay games. If you enjoy those/these types of games its definitely worth the time to look into it.
  • 4399en game
  • Hi, thank you for your appreciation. We would try our best to make it better! If you have any question or good idea about the game, welcome to contact us via FB inbox. FB link:
Decent game but the throttling issue exists. Though it can be fixed with future updates I’m looking forward to it
  • 4399en game
  • “Hi thank you for your feedback. Please tell us the problem you have met. Our team will check and fix abnormal issue in the game asap. If you have any question, welcome to contact our FB GM inbox. FB link: Thank you for your concern and have a nice day! “
Good game for time killer like me..but still need to fix the language and my fb just sent me a reset passcode even though i just login my account in this game i hope this wasnt like what i expect.peace
  • 4399en game
  • Thanks for your comment, and you can change your PW for account safety. Btw, if you meet any problems in game, kindly suggest you to contact our fbibox, we will help you ASAP.FB Link:

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